High Inductive
Interference on pipelines due to nearby high voltage overhead lines
Always a leading innovator, we supply customers with cutting-edge diagnostic and system integrity solutions. This, bound with our focus on flexibility, reliability, cost and quality, leads to offerings beyond your expectations.
Grand Theft Pipeline
Finite element simulation of guided waves to detect product theft from pipelines
ILF Consulting Engineers
Enabling worldwide transmission of Oil & Gas for almost 50 years
Dent Hunting
Using high resolution in-line inspection technologies and finite element analysis
Remote Welding System (RWS)
New fully remote hyperbarbic welding system rated to 1000msw
New era of In-Line Inspection (ILI)
Intelligent Pigs for Internal Inspection & Repair Welding of Cross-Country Pipelines
Buried Steel
Seismic analysis of buried steel pipeline subjected to ground deformation with emphasis on the numerical modelling optimization
CSSP - Common Seawater Supply Project
Enabling one of the world’s top oil producing regions

Dear pipeline community

More than 25.000 km of pipelines are installed every year - demands are rising. Therefore approximately 300 billion US Dollar need to be invested. Operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of pipelines require best materials, best techniques and best qualified employees. To offer all involved economic groups the opportunity to be informed about research results and new developments and to discuss in a global way, we have launched the Pipeline Technology Journal, ptj.

It covers reports about research, industry and practice, presentation of innovative concepts and technologies, special reports about pipeline safety as well as the upcoming event calendar.

ptj will be sent to more than 21,000 international decision makers and experts of the pipeline industry.

Hard copies will be handed out at international pipeline events.


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Rana Alnasir-Boulos
E-mail: ptj@eitep.de
Phone: : +49 (0)511 90 99 2-20

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