High-Efficient Heating Concept For Long-Distance Pipeline Transport Of Waxy / High Pour Point Crude Oil
Transporting waxy / high pour point crude oil above its pour point temperature (PPT) in heated pipeline systems over long distances from fields to consumer markets will guarantee successful pumpability when other transportation alternatives will not be applicable
Designing onshore high-pressure gas pipelines against the geohazard of earthquake-induced slope instabilities
During the next decades many onshore high-pressure gas pipelines are expected to be constructed all over the world. Depending on the prevailing geomorphological and geological conditions, the quantitative assessment of the geohazard of slope instability and the evaluation of the associated risk for the pipeline are undoubtedly very important issues of the pipeline design.
Integrity Management of Polymer Lined Water Injection Pipelines: Case Study
Polymer lined water injection pipelines have proven to be a cost effective alternative solution to corrosion resistant alloy clad pipelines for subsea applications. At normal operating conditions these pipelines are often considered to be at low risk from internal corrosion. This is because a polymer liner, if intact, provides the main barrier to mitigate against the internal corrosion mechanisms, which include oxygen corrosion, MIC, and CO2 corrosion if produced water is present.
Advancing through the ages: Co-extruded three-ply tape systems
In recent years, quality requirements for onsite coating applications have increased and new products have been sold to the market. But it is important to carefully consider coating options in the field.

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