Editorial: Proximity despite the distance

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Editorial: Proximity despite the distance

Editorial 5-2020
Editorial 5-2020

Dear readers,
You’ll certainly be familiar with this: you’re talking to friends, chatting about everything from your private life to your work life, and everyone is talking about their experiences of their workplace from their own perspective: What characterises it, what has changed and what has not?

I usually try to answer the question with an image from pipeline construction. Imagine that you’re a welder or a coating expert working on a construction site in crews of six to eight people for ten to twelve hours a day, not seeing your family for weeks on end, even in the times of coronavirus. Every day poses a new challenge which requires a quick and appropriate reaction – whether you are working in icy cold conditions or in the hot desert sun.

What counts in such a situation? Confidence in your colleagues and of course good products, the conviction that you are part of something big, reliability, sticking together as well as a love of hard work by hand. Because that’s what has barely changed in the past 40 years – unlike in the offshore sector. Whereas the security and environmental protection requirements have become significantly greater and international standards are becoming more and more stringent, the following is still at the heart of the work of coating experts and welders in pipeline construction: manual work and precision on large building sites. Here, no day is like any other. And once evening comes, everyone is happy to have again found a solution to a new problem. Particularly in times of crisis such as these, we face challenges that require new solutions. Confidence in good products and a good team are more important than ever before. Earlier this year we were still focusing on questions such as: What is going to happen? Will there be a slump in demand? Do we have to close our business during lockdown? We now know that the following is true: infrastructure projects are continuing, construction will not stop.

And if you asked me today what this difficult year has taught me, it would be one thing in particular: every change holds opportunities. One positive is the closer connection between employees, despite physical distance. Another positive is the more intensive personal contact within the team, characterised by understanding and uncomplicated assistance. We are convinced that we can overcome difficult situations only together with a flexible approach. And we will find solutions to new problems – just like the welders and coating experts in their day-to-day work. May it inspire you with confidence – and please enjoy reading this Pipeline Technology Journal!

Yours,Max Wedekind
Max Wedekind,
Managing Director,
DENSO Group Germany

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