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Pipeline Technology Journal 2-2015

Latest developments and news from the pipeline industry

The most efficient way to ensure the integrity of aging pipelines is a sequence consisting of in- ternal inspection, elimination of major defects, and subsequent pressure testing. This has been proven on a crude oil pipeline DN 700 that was shut down, emptied, chemically cleaned and conserved by nitrogen as the crude oil transport through this pipeline was no more needed. The pipeline owner then considered the option of commission of this 45-year-old oil pipeline after long shutdown period for transportation of another media. A revalidation of a section of this pipeline was therefore carried out. As part of the revalidation a targeted combination of off-line internal inspection and subsequent integrity test was used. This enabled the operator to use a fundamen- tally different approach to the results of the internal inspection. A new approach to the results of internal inspection > by: AleŇ° Brynych, CEPS a. s. & Alexandrs Jelinskis, LatRosTrans Ltd > CEPS designed and manufactured this temporary traps for a inspection tool run.

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