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Pipeline Technology Journal 2-2015

Latest developments and news from the pipeline industry

RESEARCH / DEVELOPMENT / TECHNOLOGY PIPELINE TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 37 FLAW ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA FOR THIN WALLED OFFSHORE PIPELINES > by: Cosmas Vlattas, Konstantinos Katsounis and Paul Breckon > Saipem Ltd. THINWALL WELDING INTRODUCTION The offshore pipeline construction work considered in this paper is part of the Hejre development project. The project comprises a manned, pro- duction platform located at the Hejre field exporting sales gas and oil via separate pipelines into existing export infrastructure in the North Sea. The field is in the ownership primarily of DONG E&P. Saipem Ltd was contracted to perform all Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation for the Hejre Pipelines scope of work. The oil from the Hejre platform is exported by a 90km long, 12” pipe- line to the existing Gorm E platform at water depths of up to 71m. The gas is conditioned to sales gas specification on the Hejre platform and exported by a 24km long 12” inch pipeline to an existing subsea Wye approximately 2km southeast of Harald on the 24” South Arne to Nybro gas transmission pipeline. The pipeline was laid at water depths of up to 69m. The location of the project and export pipelines, in the Danish sector of the North Sea, is presented in Figure 1 to the right. Figure 1: Hejre Project Field in the North Sea

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