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Pipeline Technology Journal 2-2015

Latest developments and news from the pipeline industry

RESEARCH / DEVELOPMENT / TECHNOLOGY PREVENTING Effectively securing oil and gas pipelines from third party interference has posed a huge challenge to the stakeholders in the oil and gas industry. A review of the reports published in the last two decades on the increase in oil pipeline sabotage across the globe demonstrates enormous loss of revenue with Nigeria losing about $12 billion annually. This paper categorises pipeline detection systems based on external interference and pipe leakage. In addition, it proposes an integrated pipeline monitoring system developed from the knowledge drawn from extensive literature review on the state-of-the-art pipeline monitoring techniques. The review characterises the techniques based on their strengths, weaknesses, opportunity and threat (SWOT) analysis. The findings of the review demonstrate that techniques employing Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are generally cheaper, more secure, reliable and responsive. It is hoped that this research highlights the urgent need to develop robust pipeline surveillance systems to mitigate pipeline sabotage and third party interference. It is envisaged that the proposed system will increase third party interference detection TPI> by: Johnson Eze, Christopher Nwagboso, Robert Newman and Panagiotis Georgakis Oil pipeline sabotages increased drastically since the September 11 attacks Abstract REVIEW OF OIL AND GAS PIPELINE MONITORING TECHNIQUES FOR INCREASED DETECTION OF THIRD PARTY INTERFERENCE 46 PIPELINE TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL

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