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Pipeline Technology Journal 2-2015

Latest developments and news from the pipeline industry

PROPOSITION OF INTEGRATED REAL-TIME PIPELINE SURVEIL- LANCE SYSTEM The rapid growth in terrorism across the world and the increasing pipeline incidents via sabotage call for real-time pipeline surveillance system. Such systems should be able to identify threats to pipelines in good time for mitigation actions to be taken to forestall incidents. Some hardware components that could constitute an integrated re- al-time pipeline surveillance system include WMSN mote, base sta- tion, motion sensor, IP Camera, GIS database, GPS receivers, UAV (drone) and Flow Meters (Sensors). Detailed discussion of each of these components is found in our earlier work Eze et. al [10]. After a review of various wireless sensors, Lotus LPR2400 has been consid- ered adequate for realising this type of surveillance system. Work- ing in a range of 2405 to 2480MHz, Lotus has a range of more than 500m when using ½ dipole antenna [11]. A schematic diagram of an integrated pipeline monitoring system is shown in figure 9. SUMMARY AND FUTURE WORK External interference has been identified as leading cause of pipeline incidents in the last two decades both in developing and developed countries. The SWOT analysis indicates that WSN technique is char- acterised by more strengths with least weaknesses in comparison with other techniques. It is cheaper, more secure, reliable and respon- sive. In order to mitigate third party interference, an integrated pipe- line monitoring system has been proposed. It is envisaged that the- proposed system will be very useful to stakeholders in the oil and gas industry since it will increase third party interference detection. Fol- lowing this proposition, further work is needed in designing the pro- posed system with adequate technical details to show its feasibility. Figure 9: schematic diagram of an integrated pipeline monitoring system References [1] J. Sun and J. Wen, “Research on Monitoring and Pre-warning System for Security of Pipelines Based on Multi-Seismic Sensors,” Int. Conf. Electron. Meas. Instruments, pp. 1–5, 2009. [2] P.-S. Murvay and I. Silea, “A survey on gas leak detection and localization techniques,” J. Loss Prev. Process Ind., vol. 25, no. 6, pp. 966–973, Nov. 2012. [3] KROHNE, “KROHNE Academy online - EN: Pipeline leak detection,” Company Webpage. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 13-Mar-2015]. [4] B. Anifowose, D. M. Lawler, D. Van der Horst, and L. Chapman, “Attacks on oil transport pipelines in Nigeria: A quantitative exploration and possible explanation of observed patterns,” Appl. Geogr., vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 636–651, 2012. [5] C. Okoli and S. Orinya, “Oil Pipeline Vandalism and Nigeria’s National Security,” Glob. J. Human-Social Sci. Res., vol. 13, no. 5, 2013. [6] O. Ogbeni, “Fuel Pipe Vandalism In Nigeria,”, 2012. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 09-Aug-2014]. [7] G. N. Ireland, S. Republic, G. R. T. Gaz, N. Grid, C. Republic, O. G. Europe, R. Gasodutos, S. R. Gas, and N. Egig, “Gas pipeline incidents 9,” no. February 2015, 2013. [8] J. Gerard and R. Timmons, “The secretary of transportation,” 2014. [9] PHMSA, “Pipeline Incident 20 Year Trend - Incident Trend,” US DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, 2015. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 22-Mar-2015]. [10] J. Eze, N. Christopher, N. Robert, and P. Georgakis, “REQUIREMENTS FOR REAL-TIME OIL AND GAS PIPELINE SURVEILLANCE WITH WIRELESS SENSORS FOR THEFT AND SABOTAGE MITIGATION,” in pipeline Technology Conference, 2015, p. 103. [11] I. MEMSIC, “LPR2400 – LOTUS Processor Radio Processor Board,” MEMSIC Documentations, 2011. [Online]. Available: Authors Johnson Eze University of Wolverhampton Faculty of Science and Engineering Wolverhampton, UK Prof. Christopher Nwagboso University of Wolverhampton Faculty of Science and Engineering Wolverhampton, UK Prof. Robert Newman University of Wolverhampton Faculty of Science and Engineering Wolverhampton, UK Dr. Panagiotis Georgakis University of Wolverhampton Faculty of Science and Engineering Wolverhampton, UK RESEARCH / DEVELOPMENT / TECHNOLOGY 50 PIPELINE TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL

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