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Pipeline Technology Journal 2-2015

Latest developments and news from the pipeline industry

RESEARCH / DEVELOPMENT / TECHNOLOGY AFTER-ACTION REPORT, RECORDING, AND DATABASE After-action report, recording, and database management are other im- portant aspects of a complete security solution. A fully integrated solu- tion allows a complete, time-stamped and geo-referenced recording of all available data and communications. Every entity, track, video, voice conversation, chat session, and picture is recorded so that after-action reports can be generated. Recordings can then be manually or automat- ically archived to a common operational database. Afterward, recordings can be browsed based on time of event or geo-location, or both. Playback of any recording provides the operator with the same exact timeline as in real-time, with all data replay fully synchronized. Recording and archiv- ing are not only useful from a legal point of view, they also allow an af- ter-event review in order to find any weaknesses in the procedure and in- tervention, and what could be done in the future to enhance the efficiency of the security solution. CONCLUSION This paper focuses on the right process to design an efficient security solution for an Oil & Gas company. A complete, fully integrated security solution is far more effective than sensors used in stovepipe architecture. Fully integrated systems do not only drastically reduce the reaction time of the security team, but also slow down the threats sufficiently so that criminal activities, such as sabotage and thievery, are prevented. Lastly, comprehensive training is required to ensure that the system op- erators and supervisors clearly understand the system and their critical roles within the security solution. And long term, in-service support en- sures system upgrades, technical support, personnel training, and a con- stant operability of the provided security solution. Author Louis Harnois Rheinmetall Canada Inc. Account Director Business Development Qu├ębec, Canada Stay informed! Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to get the latest news and developments on pipeline technologies @ PIPELINE TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL 59

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