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Pipeline Technology Journal 2-2015

Latest developments and news from the pipeline industry

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTSSEPTEMBER 2015 EDITION 06 46 A safe line Transportation of fluids in pipelines is increasing all over the world, and with good reason: pipelines are among the safest and most economi- cal transportation systems over long routes. To ensure this cost-effec- tiveness and safety, both new, and especially existing, pipelines must reflect the standard of the most current technology. Thin wall welding During S-lay pipelay operations offshore, pipe joints are welded on the lay-barge firing line. On completion of the girth weld, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is performed to locate the existence of any welding flaws. Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) technique is normally the princi- pal NDT method, providing high Probability Of Detection (POD) and accuracy. Preventing Third Party Interference Effectively securing oil and gas pipelines from third party interference has posed a huge challenge to the stakeholders in the oil and gas in- dustry. A review of the reports published in the last two decades on the increase in oil pipeline sabotage across the globe demonstrates enormous loss of revenue with Nigeria losing about $12 billion annually. 52 Safe and Secure Pipeline Safety: Integrated solutions for high-thread areas 30 Repairing the pipe Adria-Wien-Pipeline decided to give suppliers the opportunity to gain an approval for durable (> 100 years) service time by testing their products on an AWP test stand 24 36 46 18 Internal inspection A New Approach to the Results of Internal Inspection 6 PIPELINE TECHNOLOGY JOURNAL

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