Pipeline Technology Journal 1/2016

ptj 1/2016 Cover Page

Industry & Practice

  • A flurry of gas pipeline construction will triple U.S. gas export to Mexico by 2020
  • Iran envisions becoming major player in global gas market
  • China develops own Magnetic Flux Leakage Detector for burgeoning offshore pipeline inspection
  • Iran and India in serious talks to build 1400 Km offshore natural gas pipeline
  • Senate passes new legislation to enhance the safety of the 2,5 million miles of pipelines in the U.S.
  • Fluxys expands its interest in Europe’s gas inifrastructure with UK interconnector deal
  • Transcanada takes on the U.S. government over Keystone XL pipeline rejection
  • Devastating gas leakage in californian underground sprewing 1200 tons of methane daily
  • Tallgrass Energy Partners acquires big new stake in the Pony Express crude oil pipeline

Research / Development / Technology

  • Pipeline Integrity Analysis - PIA2
  • Gas Leak Detection - Laser Methane Assassment
  • Pipeline Corrosion due to Interference from High Voltage Transmission Line
  • Subsea Corrosion - Analysis and Control of the Internal Corrosion of a Subsea Pipeline

Conferences / Seminars / Exhibitions

  • Special: Pipeline Technology Conference & Pipe and Sewer Conference
  • The ptc brand
  • Review of the 10th Pipeline Technology Conference 2015 in Berlin
  • Pipe and Sewer Conference - 1st Announcement and Conference Topics
  • Event Calendar