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Another Pipeline Project in North Dakota Seeks to Avoid the Mistakes of Dakota Access

Another Pipeline Project in North Dakota Seeks to Avoid the Mistakes of Dakota Access (Dmitrijs Kaminskis / Shutterstock)

Cenex Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of the global agribusiness CHS company, has submitted a proposal to the state Public Service Commission in North Dakota to build a major pipeline across the state and into Montana. The 290 km, 10 inch pipeline would transport refined petroleum products - gasoline and diesel - across three rivers in North Dakota and one major one, the Missouri, in Montana.

The $115 million project would transport about 38,000 barrels per day to meet burgeoning demand along the way. Cenex, seeking to avoid the public relations fiasco that plagued Dakota Access last year, is actively meeting with project stakeholders and other interested parties to explain what they would like to do.

Julie Fedorchak, with the Public Service Commission, says, "That's why we need your involvement so we can correctly find the right path forward to allow this type of development in a way that doesn't impact the people that have to live with it or does so in the smallest way possible."

Earlier this year, the Public Service Commission adopted a new policy to directly notify every North Dakota tribe about every project under consideration. “Every tribe on every siting project is getting direct notification,” Fedorchak said. In addition, Fedorchak said she's hearing that more companies are directly seeking input from tribes.


There is no need to send oil through pipelines, especially as it is all sold overseas, and particularly now that wind and solar energy are developed to the point at which entire cities are supplied with energy by them. Let someone else sell oil if they want to. Who does, though?

Kelcy Warren stated that "ALL PIPELINES LEAK". Money has no ears. Complete denial of the devastation of life around them

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