Baker Hughes Signs Agreement to Acquire Compact Carbon Capture Technology

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Baker Hughes Signs Agreement to Acquire Compact Carbon Capture Technology

Thu, 11/12/2020 - 12:30
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Baker Hughes Building (copyright by Shutterstock/nitpicker)
Baker Hughes Building (copyright by Shutterstock/nitpicker)

At the start of this month, it was announced in a business wire news report , that Houston-based energy engineering contractor Baker Hughes, had purchased Compact Carbon Capture (3C) an innovative carbon capture technology solutions enterprise. The purchase, should help Baker Hughes to keep its lead in the provision of energy transition services, by providing decarbonisation solutions for carbon intensive enterprises such as steelmaking, power generation and for oil and gas.

In a press release, Baker Hughes states that, “the addition of 3C to our energy technology portfolio complements our strategy, technology and manufacturing strengths in the area of carbon capture”. This acquisition further complements the existing Baker Hughes CCUS portfolio offering which includes turbomachinery, solvent-based state-of-the-art capture processes (CAP), well construction and management for CO2 storage as well as advanced digital monitoring solutions.

It goes on to say that 3Cs carbon capture technology differs from traditional carbon capture solvent-based solutions by making use of rotating beds instead of static columns, which effectively distributes solvents in a compact and modularised format.

One thing is certain, development of cost-effective carbon capture technologies is vital for many industries seeking to drastically cut their carbon emission targets in line with the global 2050 climate targets.

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