Belgium's Fluxys, North Sea Port and ArcelorMittal Bag EU Grant for Carbon Hub Project

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Belgium's Fluxys, North Sea Port and ArcelorMittal Bag EU Grant for Carbon Hub Project

Thu, 12/15/2022 - 16:03
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Fluxys headquarter in Brussels, Belgium (© Shutterstock/Werner Lerooy)
Fluxys headquarter in Brussels, Belgium (© Shutterstock/Werner Lerooy)

EU Commission on December 8, announced it would be grand Fluxys Belgium, North Sea Port, and ArcelorMittal Belgium a whopping $10.2 million (€9.6 million) under the umbrella of Connecting Europe Facility for Energy (CEF-E) funding program.

The earmarked funds will be used to study an open-access multi-modal CO2 storage and liquefaction terminal to be located in North Sea Port and a CO2 pipeline network that would link the Walloon region to the Ghent-based hub. According to the plan, Ghent Carbon Hub will comprise CO2 storage and a liquefaction terminal complete with a pipeline network to collect CO2 from their point of emission.

The hub will have a CO2 processing capacity of up to 6 million tonnes per year, covering about 15% of Belgian industrial CO2 emissions. Fluxys is developing a link between Mons and Ghent to offer CO2 emitters located in Wallonia as part of the Belgian CO2 infrastructure development supported by the European Commission's grant.

The three companies are pushing forward to develop the key infrastructure, which is critical for CO2-intensive industries to reach their net zero emissions targets, more so in sectors with processes that inherently generate CO2 emissions.

According to the details of a press release published by Fluxys, the project will benefit from Fluxys' vast experience in pipeline transport and terminating activities, leveraging the company's CO2 pipeline infrastructure to collect captured CO2 from emitters' premises and conveying it to storage or export facilities.

North Sea Port, home to a cluster of energy-intensive industries with a significant CO2 footprint, and ArcelorMittal Belgium—which is keen on developing different decarbonization initiatives alongside their incremental energy efficiency improvements will significantly benefit from the grant.

The grant award for the ongoing study is a significant step towards reaching the final investment decision expected in 2025 and is projected to be implemented by 2027.

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