Croatia To Build A Floating LNG Terminal In The Adriatic

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Croatia To Build A Floating LNG Terminal In The Adriatic

Wed, 08/24/2022 - 07:15
Flag of Croatia (© Shutterstock/adaptice photography)
Flag of Croatia (© Shutterstock/adaptice photography)

Croatia, seeking new sources of natural gas following Russia's War of Aggression on Ukraine, has announced that it will invest 180 million euros to build a new gas pipeline connecting the towns of Zlobin and Bosiljevo in northwestern Croatia.  

The pipeline will more than double the capacity at its LNG terminal on the northern Adriatic Island of Krk to 6.1 (BCM) billion cubic meters of gas annually from 2.6 BCM.

Energy Minister Davor Filipovic said the government has made a strategic decision to secure gas supplies but also to position itself as an energy leader in the region, state news agency Hina reported. The announcement did not include a timeline for the project.

Similar to the floating terminals being built in the North Sea of Germany, the floating LNG terminal on the island Krk, which began operating in January 2021, diversified supply for Croatia, which until then relied on Russian gas and its own production, but also for some other countries in central Europe including Hungary.

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