Different awards for fully electric driven horizontal drilling rig of STREICHER

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Different awards for fully electric driven horizontal drilling rig of STREICHER

Fri, 07/22/2022 - 12:35
Award winning HDD rig by STREICHER (© STREICHER)
Award winning HDD rig by STREICHER (© STREICHER)

The first fully electric driven horizontal drilling rig, the HDD80-E of STREICHER has recently won two awards: German Innovation Award 2022 (category Machines & Engineering) and Red Dot Award 2022 (category Product Design).

The German Innovation Award honours products and solutions, that distinguish themselves primarily through user-centricity and added value compared to previous solutions. Above all, the high degree of innovation of the HDD80-E and the resulting ecological and economic advantages were taken into account. The Red Dot Award is the most popular design competition worldwide. The fully electric driven HDD80-E is winner in the category Product Design and was awarded due to its aesthetic and ergonomic design. Moreover, the jury was convinced by the low noise level and the valuable contribution to environmental protection on basis of the fully-electric rig design.

„We are very pleased with these awards for our new developed, fully electric driven horizontal drilling rig, that has already been honoured with the IPLOCA New Technologies Award and the IPLOCA Health & Safety Award in 2021. Due to our innovative approach to realise all drives of the drilling rig – rotation, thrust and pullback, mud pump and crawler – as electronic device as well as to integrate an energy storage and a recuperation of the braking energy, we get positive feedback in the market. Because this means main advantages of our concept like significantly reduced noise and CO2 emissions, reduced energy costs (up to 40 %) and the possibility to operate the HDD80-E via the public power supply“, explains Boris Böhm, Business Development & Equipment of STREICHER. Currently the portfolio of future-oriented and sustainable technical solutions of the label ecotec provides an electric welding tractor (PW150-E), too. A smaller horizontal drilling rig with a thrust/pullback load of 45 tons (HDD45-E) is now in production.

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