Eastern Sudan Protesters Shut Down A Major Oil Import Pipeline

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Eastern Sudan Protesters Shut Down A Major Oil Import Pipeline

Wed, 09/29/2021 - 09:41
Sudan on the map of Africa (copyright by Shutterstock/hyotographics)
Sudan on the map of Africa (copyright by Shutterstock/hyotographics)

Eastern Sudan protesters shut down a major oil import pipeline that transports crude oil to the Country’s capital, Khartoum, citing a bad political and economic environment prevailing in the region. On Saturday, Sept. 25, the Country’s energy and oil Ministry confirmed the Country had enough reserves to sustain the Country for only 10 days.

Despite the shutdown of one of the major pipelines that feed the Country’s capital, the Ministry of Energy also confirmed the Khartoum’s oil refineries producing fuel for domestic use were still operating normally.

The ministry also revealed another pipeline used for exporting oil from neighbouring  South Sudan was also operating. But, it’s vulnerable to damage and freezing since the protesters are blocking the conduit from loading oil.

If the blockage of oil exports continues, depot facilities at Bashayer oil terminal port would be filled within a maximum of ten days, after which the South Sudanese oil field would halt production.

Angry protesters from eastern Sudan Beja tribes were shutting ports and blocking roads as a way of venting out their anger for what they view as bad economic and political conditions in the region. However, this is not the first time eastern Sudan has faced protests, as the area has witnessed multiple protests in the past.

Despite the volatile situation, the North African Country appealed to the protesters to stop the blockages and pipeline shut down to save the Country from costly technical and financial losses.

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