Editorial: Services for the global pipeline industry's exchange of experiences

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Editorial: Services for the global pipeline industry's exchange of experiences

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High pressure pipelines for oil, gas and water are often crossing several frontiers and geomorphological obstacles. Those pipelines have to be safe, reliable and durable to ensure a profitable and commonly accepted operation. Moreover, environmental sustainability becomes more important with each new pipeline project. To make sure that the best available technology is used to overcome all the potential challenges, it is of great importance to maintain and extend an international exchange of experiences and best-practices.

The Germany-based EITEP Institute (Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer) has created several services for the global pipeline industry to establish this critical international exchange on the highest level. These services are:

Annual Conferences
• Pipeline Technology Conference, Berlin - Germany
• Pipeline – Pipe – Sewer – Technology, Cairo - Egypt

Technical Seminars
• Accompanying the conferences
• Between the conferences

Electronic information
• Pipeline Technology Journal Newsletter
• Pipeline Technology Journal
• Abstract Database

An interesting development affects our Pipeline Technology Journal: we are going to transform ptj to a compendium for state-of-the-art pipeline technologies – a reference journal, including all current or upcoming high-end technologies available to the market. Pipeline professionals can get a condensed overview about solutions, products and services in all relevant pipeline related topics, provided by leading companies.

Every topic will be discussed particularly in a designated issue of Pipeline Technology Journal – updated every year – to make sure the latest technologies are visible to and callable for everyone interested. The refreshed ptj will be available from 2017 on.

In addition, the Pipeline Technology Journal Newsletter will maintain a two-week-rhythm and complement the focus compendia with further updates and current news making ptj and ptn to unique references for pipeline professionals worldwide.

We have already implemented some changes to our global newsletter: away from plain news coverage - mainly from North America - toward a more diverse and multinational approach including Europe, Africa and Asia. Commentaries and political background reports for relevant pipeline-related events worldwide will be featured on a regular basis. To stay up-to-date, we have reinforced our editorial staff and we will continue to include ptc’s considerable Advisory Committee and its resourceful and dedicated members in our efforts.

We are working constantly to uphold the continuous exchange within the international pipeline community. You are welcome to make use of the extensive opportunities we created. Kindly find additional information on our websites or contact us directly via mail:


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