The Federation Of The German Industry's Statement on the EU/USA Global Methane Pledge

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The Federation Of The German Industry's Statement on the EU/USA Global Methane Pledge

Fri, 11/19/2021 - 10:26
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3D rendering of a Methane molecule (© Shutterstock/vchal)
3D rendering of a Methane molecule (© Shutterstock/vchal)

The Federation of the German Economy, BDEW, BVEG, DVGW, FNB Gas, VKU as well as Zukunft Gas, welcomes the EU / USA Global Methane Pledge on the collective goal of reducing methane gas emissions.  This is a big step forward, an important signal, especially for the states which up to now have not signed the document.  The reduction of methane emissions is a global challenge and will only succeed when all members of the world community pull on the same rope.  Even when the fugitive methane emissions of the Oil and Gas Industry of Europe contribute merely 0.6 procent of the European-wide greenhouse gas emissions, it is and remains a declared goal of the energy branch to further sink climate - damaging methane.

The German Gas Industry has been continuously reducing its emissions for decades and provides thereby a blueprint for other countries which are at the beginning of their methane reduction activities.

Since 1990 the industry has saved around 40 percent  of its methane emissions.  This is due in the first instance to the modernization of the domestic pipeline transportation network, rigid requirements related to pipeline and plant construction and improved measurement and detection measures. The technical processes are marked by the consistent use of mobile compressors as well as the deployment of helicopters and drones looking for leaks in the system.  "The Initiative of Glasgow shows how important goals on the international level are.  Also the German Gas Industry is accountable and will not rest when goals are met.  In order to sink methane emissions along the entire value chain the Gas Industry is carrying out comprehensive and systematic measuring programs for transport and distribution as well as applications," explain the Federations's representatives.

The Federation supports the goals of the European Green Deal for reaching Climate Neutrality by 2050. In order to make the attainment of these goals possible the necessary framework for the reduction of Green House gasses by 55 percent net by 2030 has to be established.  With all planned measures are moreover the criteria of a secure energy supply and to bear in mind the affordability and the social equilibrium of the program.

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