To Fuel Europe's Hydrogen Drive Gas TSO Of Ukraine Will Convert Pipeline Network

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To Fuel Europe's Hydrogen Drive Gas TSO Of Ukraine Will Convert Pipeline Network

Wed, 04/28/2021 - 10:00
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Flag of Ukraine (copyright by Shutterstock/E. S. Nugraha)
Flag of Ukraine (copyright by Shutterstock/E. S. Nugraha)

Following the example of other European gas pipeline operators, Ukraine’s GTS Ukrainy has announced that it will convert its pipeline network to accommodate hydrogen and construct dedicated hydrogen carrying pipelines to achieve carbon neutral targets.

A spokesperson for GTS Ukrainy states that it is “talking to other gas pipeline operators to work out technical, regulatory and economic issues” of adapting and upgrading its gas network to transport hydrogen for export, in anticipation of joining the European Hydrogen Backbone.

The European Hydrogen Backbone is part of a consortium of European gas pipeline grid operating companies which includes Italy's Snam, Spain's Enagas and the UK's National Grid, that aim to develop a European-wide dedicated transport grid network. Such a pan- European pipeline grid would facilitate the development of a wholesale market for hydrogen across the continent.

Like other natural gas pipeline operators in Europe, GTS Ukrainy is seeking ways to future- proof its pipeline network, which currently transmits around 140 billion cubic metres of Russian gas to European customers. Certainly, converting its 38,550 kilometres (23,950 mi) of trunk pipelines to carry hydrogen will prevent its infrastructure from becoming obsolete, as Nord Stream 2 comes online and as Europe makes the transition to a hydrogen economy.


Submitted by Tom Palmer (not verified) on Sun, 05/02/2021 - 05:05 Permalink

Ukraine should join the effort to use hydrogen to create e-fuels to make a powerful contribution to reduce vehicle emissions and global warming and to promote Ukraine economic interests at home and in Europe.

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