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German / Tunisian International Transfer Centre for Infrastructure Development in Africa (ITIDA) founded

IDA Call for Papers

The center aims to transfer technology and know-how from German / European institutions to Africa. The German government is currently pushing its companies and institutions to increase their involvement in Africa. From the Federal Governments point of view, Africa offers a wide range of business opportunities.

ITIDA is a major initiative that supports this development by enabling the systematic transfer of technology and know-how between Germany / the industrialized countries and Africa. It provides a framework that enables companies to apply their expertise, which is already renowned in most parts of the world, in Africa as well. At the same time, it offers African authorities, state-owned enterprises and private companies access to important know-how and technologies from all over the world. In this way, the initiative should contribute to the improvement of the economic circumstances and thus to the overall situation.

The International Transfer Centre for Infrastructure Development in Africa (ITIDA) is operated by several institutions with a similar interest: to improve the infrastructure in Africa with the expertise of German / European companies. Originally, the initiative was created by two cooperating institutions: TEAM Academy (Training and Education in Africa and Middle East) is a group of German companies dealing with the construction, operation, maintenance and repair of water supply and sanitation infrastructure. EITEP Institute is Europe’s largest networker in terms of oil, gas and water pipelines. Together they have already won another important partner for the initiative: Hamburg Port Consulting (HPC), which brings enormous expertise regarding worldwide port, logistics and transport services.

The major topic of IDA: supply, disposal and treatment solutions for water and waste water (including training measures) is covered by TEAM

Together, these three institutions are currently preparing their first major project in Africa. It is an international conference and exhibition named Infrastructure Development in Africa (IDA). The event will take place in November 2020 in Tunis, Tunisia. It marks one of the many highlights ITIDA has planned for 2020. Fixed topics during the event will be:

  • Supply / Disposal Solutions for Water, Waste Water & Gas
  • Production / Treatment Solutions for Water & Waste Water
  • Transport and Logistic Solutions for Ports
  • Pipeline Solutions for Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and other Products

Furthermore, the organizers are eager to increase the scope of the first IDA. Partners are welcome for following areas: power supply regional and international; urban traffic development, cross-region road, rail
and air transport; telecommunications.

Logistics and transport services are a main focus of IDA. They are covered by HPC

Although the Infrastructure Development in Africa (IDA) is without doubt an integral part of the ITIDA agenda, it is by far not the only attractive activity. The following additional steps are currently in planning, showing the full scope of this ambitious and promising project:

  • Advisory services for cities and federal states, drawing on the expertise of German institutions
  • Creation of international electronic journals and newsletters covering all aforementioned topics
  • Establishing a job and trainee platform for access to the European and African job markets
  • Train-the-Trainer-Activities
  • Establishment of drinking- and waste water treatment plant neighborhoods
  • Etc.

The topics of IDA are broadly diversified. One of them are oil, gas and water pipelines, covered by EITEP

All ITIDA players have many years of experience in international economic cooperation. Success in this work also requires cooperation with other initiatives.
"We seek coordination with the goals set by AU-PIDA"

Rana Alnasir-Boulos
EITEP Institute, Germany
+49 511 90996 19

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