Innovative System Developed By Prisma Photonics Will Identify Leaks And Other Threats

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Innovative System Developed By Prisma Photonics Will Identify Leaks And Other Threats

Thu, 06/24/2021 - 10:04
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copyright by Prisma Photonics
copyright by Prisma Photonics

Prisma Photonics ltd and Israel Natural Gas Lines (INGL) have signed an agreement to monitor the Israeli natural gas transmission pipelines. Each PrismaFlow module will monitor a 50-100km long pipeline segment. PrismaFlow is an innovative system based on optical fiber sensing, detecting and alerting to events such as potential mechanical damage, unauthorized excavation adjacent to pipelines and ultimately even gas leaks.The deployment of this innovative system is the first step in a long-term relationship between the companies showing INGL’s commitment to safety and security of its gas transmission infrastructure.

PrismaFlow utilizes pre-deployed optical fiber communication cables placed along INGL’s pipelines. By using the fiberoptic cable as an array of ultra-sensitive sensors, the system can detect the smallest leaks and show their location.

The system can also identify, in real-time, excavations near the pipeline, whether manual or mechanical. Using its Hyper-Scan Fiber Sensing technology, PrismaFlow reduces the number of false alarms by filtering background noise such as high traffic, industrial noises and other agricultural activities.

Samuel Tordjman, Israel Natural Gas Lines CEO: “The agreement with Prisma Photonics is another step in the company’s commitment to promote innovation and attract unique solutions from the private sector to always maximize safety and security of supply. We see great value in the cooperation between INGL and Israeli start-ups industry and companies such as Prisma Photonics.”

Dr. Eran Inbar, Prisma Photonics CEO: “This is a great example of a commitment to innovation when a government-owned corporation such as Israel Natural Gas Lines and a start-up cooperate to use cutting-edge technology and new commercial models such as Data-as-a-Service. We want to thank INGL for their trust and see this as the first step in a long journey”.

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