Meld Energy Cleared to Build £250 Million Green Hydrogen Production Facility in Hull

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Meld Energy Cleared to Build £250 Million Green Hydrogen Production Facility in Hull

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Hydrogen molecule (© Shutterstock/Corona Borealis Studio)
Hydrogen molecule (© Shutterstock/Corona Borealis Studio)

UK-basedgreen hydrogen developer Meld Energy has received approval from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to build a £250 million ($318 million), 100-megawatt green hydrogen production facility at Saltend in Hull.

The project is seen as a major step towards positioning the Humber region as a leader in hydrogen production and helping the U.K. government achieve its emissions reduction goals. 

Meld Energy plans to construct the facility at Saltend Chemicals Park, which could meet up to 30% of the park's existing hydrogen demand.

"Meld Energy's ambitious plans for the Humber are poised to accelerate decarbonisation efforts in the region. This outline planning approval is an important milestone for the development of our project, which is the first of several that we will be bringing forward in the Humber and across the UK,” said Meld Energy's CEO Chris Smith. 

“Our Saltend Chemicals Park project will enable decarbonisation for our customers on the park and sets the baseline for accelerating and reducing the cost of the energy transition,” he added.

This significant increase in green hydrogen production is expected to lead to a reduction of 125,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Saltend Chemicals Park is a hub for major chemical companies, making it a strategic location for the project.

Green hydrogen, produced through electrolysis using renewable electricity, can be used as a clean alternative to natural gas in various sectors, including transportation and industry. It does not produce carbon emissions when burned, making it a promising solution for combating climate change.

Meld Energy is currently seeking funding through the U.K. government's Hydrogen Production Business Model. The government aims to support up to 875 megawatts of hydrogen production in total.

The Humber region, the U.K.'s largest industrial center, is also the country's biggest emitter of carbon dioxide. This project is seen as crucial for the region's decarbonization efforts and is expected to create jobs and attract further investment.

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