Palantir Signs Multi-Year Agreement With Kinder Morgan to Bolster Pipeline Operations

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Palantir Signs Multi-Year Agreement With Kinder Morgan to Bolster Pipeline Operations

Wed, 12/08/2021 - 11:22
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Palantir Technologies logo on a smartphone (© Shutterstock/IgorGolovniov)
Palantir Technologies logo on a smartphone (© Shutterstock/IgorGolovniov)

North America’s giant companies Palantir and Kinder Morgan have signed an agreement to strengthen pipeline operations in the region for many years.

A leading modern enterprise operating system builder Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE: PLTR), and a giant North American energy infrastructure company, Kinder Morgan, Inc. (NYSE: KMI), on December 2, 2021, announced a many-year partnership.

According to the agreement, Kinder Morgan will deploy Palantir’s revolutionary data integration software platform, Foundry, in its US-based storage operations to enhance efficiency and safety.

Operators and the company’s decision-makers will be provided with a common picture of the infrastructure, linking transactional system data stream, analysis, operations oversupply, customers, grid integrity, and pricing.

With such critical information in real-time, Palantir’s data integration platform, Foundry, will help Kinder Morgan to predict gas optimization, storage, and maintenance schedule.

“Safety, reliability, and affordability are critical to the nation’s energy infrastructure. Utilizing Foundry will strengthen Kinder Morgan’s ability to maintain its lead in those fields,” said Shyam Sankar, Palantir’s Chief Operating Officer, as quoted by

“Energy companies like Kinder Morgan have vast amounts of data from disparate sources that rarely interact, and we believe Foundry is the best tool on the market to solve this complex problem,” he added.

The vertically integrated software platform Palantir Foundry bridges a wide range of data operations—from ingestion and integration to transformation, reporting, development of operational workflow, and tooling through an efficient application environment.

Kinder Morgan will use Foundry to analyze millions of data points from all its sensors across the entire pipeline network, electricity consumption, contracts and storage assets, grid data, commodity data, and weather data to provide a precise overview of business operations.

Based on Kinder Morgan’s CIO, Mark Huse, Palantir’s Foundry was very useful at promptly delivering the much-needed results on critical and complex challenges.

“In our business, we put a premium on doing things safely, to be able to also move at such speed is extremely valuable,” Huse added.

With Palanti’s long history of working with infrastructure, industrial, and energy infrastructure in the US and beyond, the new agreement is the latest deal in Palantir’s market expansion.

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