Pipeline Leak Detection is critical to a safe and economic pipeline operation: New Technologies are constantly being developed

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Pipeline Leak Detection is critical to a safe and economic pipeline operation: New Technologies are constantly being developed

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Dr. Klaus Ritter, President of EITEP
Dr. Klaus Ritter, President of EITEP

The transportation of fluids and gases in pipelines is still increasing all over the world and with very good reason: Pipelines are the safest and most economical transportation systems for long distances. It is important to make sure that both, new and already existing pipelines always make use of state-of-the-art technology, in order to run pipelines safely, cost effectively and to extend their life cycle. The exchange of existing experiences from all over the world is necessary to create and distribute such state-of-the-art technology. The electronic Pipeline Technology Journal (ptj) delivers essential information about the industry’s latest developments and most important discussions.

We are constantly advancing the Pipeline Technology Journal to meet the information needs of pipeline professionals worldwide. After increasing our frequency of publication from two to six issues a year, we are now setting the technical focus of each ptj edition to an important field of work within the pipeline industry. This issue will focus on Pipeline Leak Detection and Monitoring. The next edition in May, prior to the ptc, will focus on Planning and Construction. You can check out all editions main areas on our media kit.

The Pipeline Technology Journal is taking another important step forward and will be available as Chinese Edition from mid-April on. With this edition we are selectively aiming at the growing pipeline market in the People’s Republic of China. Thus, we enable international pipeline experts and companies to introduce their solutions and to promote their products and services to a great market which offers rich potentials.

But we are not finished with our development. We have inspired initial discussions with other potential partners for further editions of ptj, for example in Iran. The harmonization between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the western world enables us to animate an active exchange between the Iranian newcomers and the global pipeline community.

As you can see, we will never get tired of pushing the pipeline community’s constant exchange. We will never get tired of inviting you to the next Pipeline Technology Conference as well. From 23 – 25 May 2016, the 11th ptc again will bring together pipeline experts from all over the world.

Get involved! Participate in the professional exchange during the Pipeline Technology Conference. Take the chance to talk about your experiences, to report about your challenges and to exchange with many colleagues from 55 different countries.

[This article was originally published as editorial of Dr. Klaus Ritter at Pipeline Technology Journal 2/2016]


Thanks for sharing this information. Maybe there is a chance for your to join 11th Pipeline Technology Conference in Berlin. One of the technical sessions is dedicated to "Leak Detection" (www.pipeline-conference.com/program) and many exhibitors offer leak detection services (www.pipeline-conference.com/exhibitors). This would be a great opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of your approach.

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