New ptj Issue 1-2019
Inline Inspection / Integrity Management
The new PALIMEX®-880/-855
The two-tape system reliably protects your pipeline – and saves your budget.
Quality control in the passive corrosion protection – the coating inspector
Thomas Löffler >>> DENSO Andre Graßmann, Hilmar Jansen >>> Open Grid Europe
The key of safety and reliable operation is the pipeline integrity. Main elements and importance of pipeline integrity
Ferenc Peterfalvi >>> MOL
Predicting the future - applying corrosion growth rates from in-line inspections
Jane Dawson >>> Baker Hughes, a GE company
Improving Pipeline Scraping Operation – A systematic Approach and Case Study
Husain Al-Muslim, Mousa Al-Harbi >>> Saudi Aramco


Russian Edition of Pipeline Technology Journal agreed

Russian Edition of Pipeline Technology Journal agreed

The international publishers EITEP (based in Germany) and Radiofront (based in Russia) have agreed to implement a Russian-speaking edition of the globally recognized Pipeline Technology Journal (ptj). Both companies are committed to meet the high demand for top-class pipeline technology case-studies, technical articles and current international industry news in Russia. The new Russian edition (“ptj-Вестник трубопроводных технологий”) will be available in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. With the first issue to be released at the end of June, its content will be similar to the original edition but enriched with additional content related to the Eastern European pipeline industry. The new Russian language edition will be presented for the first time during the upcoming Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition – MIOGE (18-21 June 2018).

This cooperation enables international pipeline technology and service providers interested in the Russian market to show their know-how and to advertise specifically in an edition distributed in Russia and its neighboring countries. Vice versa, Russian pipeline companies can provide their content and advertisements for publication within the original ptj.

For all readers of ptj, this cooperation means a better access to insightful technical articles from Russian oil & gas operators and technology and service providers. The Russian oil & gas networks are among the longest in the world rendering the Russian market to a very attractive business opportunity for any company related to the pipeline-business.

“The appearance of the Russian version of the ptj is a logical continuation of the EITEP strategy aimed at the creation of a common platform for intense technology exchange between international pipeline operators, service and technology providers.”, said Dr. Klaus Ritter, President of the publisher EITEP, who is also well-known for the annual Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) in Berlin. “Such an exchange will help the global pipeline industry to minimize incidents and to maximize pipeline safety, longevity and profitability”, he added.
His counterpart, Aleksey Turbin, General Manager at Radiofront, stated: “Russian companies are keen to be involved in the impressive efforts of EITEP to foster the exchange of state-of-the-art-technologies and best-practices. The Russian edition of ptj ist going to be of great use for achieving this worthwhile goal which is in correspondence with the trend of technology globalization”.

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