Russian Version of ptj Presented in Berlin

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Russian Version of ptj Presented in Berlin

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 15:24
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Russian Version of ptj Presented in Berlin
Russian Version of ptj Presented in Berlin

Recently, the Pipeline Technology Journal (ptj) launched a Russian version of the international ptj e-journal. The new version is created together with the Moscow-based RADIOFRONT publishing house. The Russian version of ptj deals with Russian and European cutting-edge technologies of pipeline monitoring and maintenance and is distributed to leading pipeline operators in Eurasia.

On October 25th editor Dr. Aleksey Turbin presented this version, called «ptj-Вестник трубопроводных технологий», in the framework of the seminar “Digital media: new trends and realities” organized in the Berlin Russian House of Science and Culture. The participants of the three-day seminar stressed the importance of this technological magazine as a positive media cooperation example of the two countries in the framework of a digital edition project designed for special target audiences.

Opening the event organized with active participation of the Moscow University of People’s Friendship (RUDN), the Deputy Director of the Russian House Aleksander Avramenko stressed the need of new approaches toward the development of the digital media based of better verification of information and the elevation of the quality of the information flow.

Dr. Mike Friedrichsen, the founding President of the Berlin University of Digital Sciences and Full Professor for Media Innovation and Media Economics, reported on the changes in media systems and the fundamental challenges posed by digital transformation. The user behavior of recipients is changing rapidly in connection with technological innovations and media companies have to develop new business models accordingly.

As digital media outlet ptj is always interested in the latest findings of practitioners and researchers on the question of how to improve digital offers and is therefore thankful to be named as a positive example for international media cooperations.

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