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Side Conferences „Public Perception“ and „Qualification and Recruitment” to the 14th Pipeline Technology Conference

Side Conferences „Public Perception“ and „Qualification and Recruitment” to the 14th Pipeline Technology Conference

The EITEP Institute has been organizing the international Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) for 13 years. The ptc has become Europe's largest trade fair and conference on pipeline topics: More than 650 participants from 54 countries and 73 exhibitors came to Berlin for the ptc in March 2018 to inform themselves about current developments in the field over three days. More than 70 operating companies from all over the world sent delegations to the event.

Discussions at recent conferences have shown that the technology-focused event has also to focus on non-technology issues: Public opinion is increasingly influencing the planning, construction and operation of pipelines. Delays and changes are the result. Another topic is the qualification and recruitment of personnel, which is becoming a growing challenge in a changing world. However, there has been little international exchange on how to approach and deal with these complex issues.

The 14th Pipeline Technology Conference, which will take place in Berlin from 18 to 21 March 2019, will therefore be the starting point for the side conferences "Public Perception" and "Qualification and Recruitment". Both will take place on 18 March, providing participants with an international overview and an opportunity for exchange. The lecture programme with discussions includes presentations of concrete projects, an external view and possible measures for the international pipeline industry.

Both side conferences will take place at the same time at the Estrel Berlin and will be simultaneously translated from English into German. From 19 - 21 March 2019 the main conference "Pipeline Technology Conference" with accompanying exhibition will take place at the same location.

Public Perception: Marian Ritter,, 0511/90992-15;
Qualification & Recruitment: Admir Celovic,, 0511/90992-20

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