New ptj Issue 3-2019
Digitalization in the Pipeline Industry
The new PALIMEX®-880/-855
The two-tape system reliably protects your pipeline – and saves your budget.
Operations & Integrity Management and Compliance in an age of IIOT
Steve Hill >>> Honeywell Process Automation Solutions
New Technologies Drive Operational Performance by Connecting Smart Stations to Distribution Networks
Rossella Mimmi >>> Emerson Automation Solutions
Intelligent Predictive Maintenance in the context of Maintenance 4.0 for Oil & Gas Industry
Dr. Rama Srinivasan Velmurugan >>> GAIL (India)
Digital disruption will occur in Midstream as it is underway in other asset intensive industries
Sam Hemeda >>> Arundo Analytics
The Big Data Revolution: Detecting Pipeline Leaks, Encroachments and more Using Satellites
John Zhou & Caroline Beck >>> Satelytics
Best Practices for Cybersecurity Diagnosis in Industrial Environments
Ernesto Landa >>> Compania Operadora de Gas del Amazonas

Latest News

T.D. Williamson and TRC Partner to Provide improved Services to Pipeline Operators

T.D. Williamson HQ (copyright by T.D. Williamson)

TRC has joined with T.D. Williamson (TDW) to support pipeline operators with safe, reliable and efficient services to get them in compliance with the new federal “Gas Mega Rule.”
The Gas Mega Rule – the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s revisions to 49 CFR Parts 191 and 192 – are expected to go into effect in August.

ROSEN Delivers Polyurethane Lined Pipe

Pipe coating facility, Calgary Alberta - Rosen Group

The ROSEN Group has delivered Polyurethane Lined Pipe to an Oil Sands Mine in Fort McMurray. The pipe is internally coated with a wear resistant RoCoat™ liner. ROSEN also equipped the new pipe with a wear monitoring system allowing acquisition of coating condition online. The lined pipe and wear monitoring devices were designed, manufactured and installed in Calgary, Alberta.

Can Europe’s gas industry overcome methane emissions challenge and remain relevant in the low-carbon EU economy?

ricochet64 / Shutterstock

European leaders this month once again clashed over future polices concerning the role natural gas should play in the European Union’s energy landscape. Many in the commission are pursuing plans for full electrification of the energy system within the next three decades – but others remain sceptical that such a move would be possible or even fully serve the needs of all member states – and believe that existing gas infrastructure must be utilised for cost and timescale purposes, if climate change commitments are to be met.

Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Hits Another Snag

Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Hits Another Snag (shannonpatrick17 / CC BY 2.0)

Whatever the merits of the case against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, its advocates are not just fading away into the sunset. In the latest contentious round, US Army Corps of Engineers issued approvals for the crossing of hundreds of waterways along the 1184 mile path from Canada to Nebraska. Environmentalists promptly filed another lawsuit to stop further development of the $8 billion tar sands pipeline, claiming the Army Corps did not examine the potential for oil spills and other damages in a pristine environment.

Iran - Pakistan Gas Pipeline Victim of U.S. - Iran Confrontation

Iran - Pakistan Gas Pipeline Victim of U.S. - Iran Confrontation (MZinchenko / Shutterstock)

For years Pakistan has been negotiating with its regional neighbor Iran about importing Iranian natural gas. Seeking to bolster its energy security by cutting a deal with its energy - rich next door neighbor, planning in Islamabad was in full swing. But the US withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, in 2015, and the subsequent rise in tensions throughout the Persian Gulf, has pushed any thought of an Iranian - Pakistani gas pipeline far from the front burner.

Projects Success in Canada and US and New Sales Strategy Boosts Turnover For STATS Group

Nedelcu Paul Petru / Shutterstock

STATS Group is growing its market share and expects activity in the US and Canada to improve by more than 70% in both countries.

The company revealed they had recently invested approximately £2m (US$ 2.5m) in new premises and associated infrastructure to support growth plans in the US and Canada.
Revenues are expected to increase in 2019 by 71% in total revenues in the Americas of £13.2m (US$ 16.6m).

US State Department Now Says Drone Attack on Saudi East - West Pipeline Originated in Southern Iraq

Saudi Aramco attacked by drones - Symbolic Picture (Copyright: Saudi Aramco)

In a change of the official U.S. assessment of the drone attack on Saudi Arabian oil infrastructure, the American government now says the drone attacks originated in southern Iraq and not Yemen, as previously reported. US officials added that the drones involved in this attack were more "sophisticated' that those used by Houthi rebels in Yemen.

The 14 May drone attacks hit two pipeline segments along the major Saudi East-West oil pipeline. The Saudis said supply was not disrupted and that no one was injured.

Dominion Energy Pulls the Plug on Gas Pipeline Project in Ohio

Alexander Lukatskiy / Shutterstock

Dominion Energy has decided not to push forward with its $48 million pipeline project bringing Marcellus Shale natural gas from Pennsylvania to market in Eastern Ohio. Dubbed "The Sweden Valley Project," the company cited a protracted approval process at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) as its reason for pulling the plug.

Oldest Pipeline in Chicago Has Had Enough

marchello74 / Shutterstock

A cast-iron gas pipeline, in place in the ground in Chicago since before the Civil War in 1859 and truly the last of its kind in the Windy City, has been excavated after the last customer switched to a modern gas supplier last week.

A small working crew extracted the 17-foot-long pipe from a large hole and placed it on a flatbed truck at Hubbard and Orleans streets in River North, in what the city's cultural historian, Tim Samuelson, called a historical occasion.

Trans Anatolian Pipeline Ready for Prime Time


The 1850 km Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP), the main segment of the EU's long-sought Southern Gas Corridor, has been completed and ready to export Azeri gas to Europe, TANAP said this past Monday.

Due to efficient management TANAP said that the development, originally estimated to cost nearly $12 billion, was around $7 billion in the end.

The Prospective Trans Korea Gas Pipeline Gets a Boost in Seoul

Trans-Korea Gas Pipeline Project: Enhancing Regional Cooperation

Transporting Russian natural gas via pipeline through North Korea and into South Korea was highlighted at the forum “Trans-Korea Gas Pipeline Project: Enhancing Regional Cooperation” in Seoul last week. While regional tensions have sidelined the project for several decades, recent progress in North - South Korean relations have given the pipeline special urgency.

Still without an alignment of interests this capital intensive project will likely remain stalled:

Ben Mitchell, Plant HSSE Manager at BP, to chair the upcoming Petrochemical & Refining Summit in July

The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans

marcus evans is proud to announce that Ben Mitchell, Plant HSSE Manager at BP, will be a chairing the Petrochemical & Refining Summit July 15-17, 2019, at the The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans, La.

DNV GL Secures Verification Contract With Energinet

Map of Baltic Pipe project

DNV GL has won a major contract to provide independent verification services for Energinet’s section of the Baltic Pipeline project.

The Baltic Pipeline project aims to enable the transport of gas from Norway from a tie-in to the existing Europipe II in the Danish North Sea to the export facility in Zealand. The pipeline in the Baltic Sea towards Poland is not included in the contract. The Baltic Pipeline project is planned to be fully operational by 1 October 2022.

1.6 Billion Dollar Pipeline Proposed to Move Crude Oil Out of North Dakota

1.6 Billion Dollar Pipeline Proposed to Move Crude Oil Out of North Dakota (Christopher Boswell / Shutterstock)

Two companies are proposing a $1.6 billion pipeline to move North Dakota crude oil out of the state, making it the biggest project of this kind since the Dakota Access pipeline that sparked violent clashes between protesters and law enforcement in the past years.

ExxonMobil Proceeds with Argentina Expansion Project in Vaca Muerta Basin

ExxonMobil Proceeds with Argentina Expansion Project in Vaca Muerta Basin (Harry Green / Shutterstock)

ExxonMobil is proceeding with a long-term oil development in Argentina’s Bajo del Choique-La Invernada block. The project is expected to produce up to 55,000 oil-equivalent barrels per day within five years and will include 90 wells, a central production facility and export infrastructure connected to the Oldeval pipeline and refineries.

Creaform Releases Pipecheck 5.1 Software for NDT Testing in the Oil and Gas Industry

Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, announced today the release of Pipecheck 5.1, a major upgrade to the most sophisticated non-destructive testing (NDT) software on the market for pipeline integrity inspections in the oil and gas industry.

Pipecheck 5.1 is compatible with the recently released HandySCAN BLACK, the latest generation of Creaform’s HandySCAN 3D portable 3D scanners. When used in conjunction with the HandySCAN BLACK, Pipecheck 5.1 offers:

Pipeliners Getting Ready for Trans Mountain Pipeline Construction

The Trans Mountain Pipeline (otherwise known as the TMX Pipeline Expansion Project), one of several in Canada that has languished due to environmental objections, has just received a big boost from British Columbia's Court of Appeal, which has ruled that British Columbia does not have the authority to stop the flow of diluted bitumen from Alberta through British Columbia.

China's Pipeline Sector to Undergo Major Transformation

In China the state frequently meddles in the marketplace to smooth out disruptions and ease any undue burden on the consumer. This is now the case with wholesale natural gas prices with the state opting for a huge increase to make up for wide scale losses in China's gas import business, as the state buys gas at high prices anchored in long term supply contracts and caps increases in the domestic price of retail gas. This is obviously not sustainable over time.

Russian Crude Oil Transfers Through the Druzhba Pipeline Expected to Resume Shortly

As reported in these pages last month, a contaminant in Russian crude supplies to Europe brought crude deliveries on 22 April via the Russian Druzhba pipeline to a screeching halt.

Two German refineries -- PCK's Schwedt and Total's Leuna plants -- lie toward the end of the northern branch of the 1 million barrels / day Druzhba crude pipeline from Russia.

Pipelines in the Spotlight As Middle East Political Tensions Rise

Pipelines in the Spotlight As Middle East Political Tensions Rise (Copyright: Philip Lange / Shutterstock)

Oil pipelines in the Gulf region have become a conspicuous strategic target in the growing confrontation between Iran on the one side and the United States, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and even Israel on the other.

Two pumping stations on Saudi Arabia's main cross country pipeline were attacked last week along with four empty (thankfully) oil tankers near United Arab Emirates' waters. The Houthis, a central party in the four year ongoing conflict in Yemen and a bitter enemy of the Saudis, claimed responsibility.

New study gives estimates on the impact of Nord Stream 2 on the EU labour market

Cofferdam installation at the Russian landfall (© 2019 Nord Stream 2 / Vladimir Postnov)

More than 1,000 contractors from all over Europe and Russia are contributing to the realization of the Nord Stream 2 project. This includes both large international firms providing materials or construction services and small enterprises providing expert services. Furthermore, the investment until the end of December 2018 creates 57,500 full-time job equivalents in the EU over five years, adding €4.7 billion in GDP in various industrial sectors.

Pipeline Operators from Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa Exchanged Views on Illegal Tapping at ptc 2019 in Berlin

Pipeline Operators from Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa Exchanged Views on Illegal Tapping at ptc 2019 in Berlin (@ Philip Wilson / EITEP)

Crude oil remains the world's leading energy source. The value of the total annual production of the global oil industry in 2018 was around 2 trillion US dollars. A flourishing black market is not surprising. Fossil fuels worth around 133 billion US dollars are stolen every year [1]. At peak prices, a cartel could earn 90,000 dollars by tapping into a Mexican product pipeline in just seven minutes. An estimated 660,000 cars in Morocco and Tunisia drive all year round on fuel smuggled from Algeria [2].

New Risk Reduction Programme in Place at Open Grid Europe

Open Grid Europe - Press Release

Open Grid Europe, one of Europe’s leading pipeline sysytem operators, has signed a contract with international operations and safety management consultancy firm DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) to take part in the DuPont Risk Factor™ programme.

Saudi Aramco Pipeline Attacked by Drones

Saudi Aramco attacked by drones - Symbolic Picture (Copyright: Saudi Aramco)

A Saudi oil pipeline was attacked by drones, causing “limited damage,” the Saudi energy minister said on Tuesday, only one day after Saudi Arabia said two of its oil tankers had been sabotaged. This latest development is ratcheting up tensions in the already troubled region.

Two oil pumping stations for the East-West pipeline had been hit by explosive-laden drones.

TANAP and TurkStream win the ptc Photo Contest 2019

TANAP and TurkStream win the ptc Photo Contest 2019

The winner photo of the ptc-photo contest under the motto “What is it like to work in the pipeline industry?” has been awarded during the Pipeline Technology Conference in Berlin, Germany. Winners of the competition were the pipeline system operators TANAP and TurkStream. The ptc Photo Contest has been sponsored my Maats.


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