Integrity Management


Penspen has been providing engineering, project management, asset management and integrity services to the energy industry worldwide for nearly 70 years. Originally founded in the UK in 1954 as Spencer & Partners, the company has now grown to include 1000 employees, with offices in the UK, Europe, Latin America, United States and the Middle East.

Aipu Intelligent Pipeline Technology

IP is a reliable company of pipeline inspection and data analysis with rich experience. Since its R&D in 1995, IP has provided the internationally leading technology to pipeline owners and operators. The full range of services includes cleaning, geometry and deformation inspection, metal loss and crack inspection, data analysis and pipeline integrity assessment.


Dynamic Risk

Dynamic Risk is a leading global technology service provider helping ensure the safe and efficient delivery of energy resources. Since 1996, Dynamic Risk has revolutionized pipeline integrity management by combining in-depth engineering expertise and advanced software applications, now leveraging predictive analytics to uncover actionable insights for risk-informed decision-making.

Prisma Photonics

Prisma Photonics helps keep pipelines up & running using advanced Hyper-Scan Optic Fiber-Sensing™ technology. Utilizing the existing optical fiber laid along the pipeline, our monitoring solution is effective on the installation day. We enable operators to accurately monitor their assets for thousands of kms in real-time without installing extra sensors - 24×7, anywhere, anytime, in any condition.

Intero Integrity Services

Integrity. It steers our people towards insightdriven results in the energy industry, driving our passion to tackle the most difficult industry challenges. It provides a deeper sense of technical know-how and puts us in the right position to create meaningful impact. It’s like teaming up with invaluable partners in an ever-changing business.



For more than 100 years, we've partnered in the oil and gas industry to deliver innovative solutions that maximize uptime, improve throughput, avoid shutdown and minimize risk. We are experienced at accepting new challenges and responding in a way that meets goals while protecting people, assets and the planet.