Integrity Management
Development of a Novel Subsurface Monitoring and Oil Leak Detection System - SubSense LDS
Stephen Edmondson, Kaushik Parmar, Adrian Banica >>> Direct-C
Corrosion Prevention
For a century now, DENSO Group Germany represents experience, quality and reliability for corrosion prevention and sealing technology
Steel pipeline failure probability evaluation based on in-line inspection results
Maciej Witek >>> GAZ-SYSTEM
Assessing Repeat ILI Data Using Signal-to-Signal Comparison Techniques
Jane Dawson, Geoffrey Hurd >>> Baker Hughes, a GE company
Condition Assessment for Optimizing Gasunie's Network Improvement Program (GNIP)
Martin Hommes, Karen van Bloemendaal, Roelof Corster, Maurice Gielisse >>> DNV GL Martin van Agteren, E.E.R. Jäger >>> Gasunie Transport Services
Data-driven approaches to Pipeline Cleaning
Otto Huisman >>> ROSEN Group
Trial of a Process for the Identification of Reduced Depth of Cover on Buried Pipelines
Daniel Finley, Michiel Roeleveld, Simon Daniels, Klaas Kole >>> ROSEN Group Paul Ogden >>> National Grid

Latest News

EDITORS COMMENT: We can't get back to business as usual after the accident in Massachusetts. We have to adjust our behavior

We can't get back to business as usual after the accident in Massachusetts. We have to adjust our behavior.

When we think of the reports about the pipeline accident in Massachusetts, we first think of those affected by the accident who suffered physical damage or even died. And we think of those who, due to the accident, have to continue their lives without the usual atmosphere of safety in their homes, those who will have to wait a long time until everything is back to the way it used to be prior to the accident.

Overpressured Gas Pipelines Caused a Series of Pipeline Explosions in Massachusetts, USA

Overpressured Gas Pipelines Caused a Series of Pipeline Explosions in Massachusetts, USA (iStockPhotos)

The residents of a small part of eastern Massachusetts were shaken by an natural gas disaster. The people of Lawrence, Andover and North Andover just south of the New Hampshire border, witnessed dozens of homes explode last Thursday, while homeowners rushed to evacuate and turn off the gas. State and federal authorities are investigating after at least 60 fires and explosions traced to gas lines erupted Thursday, killing an 18-year-old man and injuring multiple people.

Algeria's Sonatrach plans new gas pipeline by 2020

Algeria's Sonatrach plans new gas pipeline by 2020 (tommaso lizzul / Shutterstock)

Algeria will invest 280 million USD to built a gas pipeline to boost its gas exports to Europe.

The 197 km pipeline will connect to two others that link to Spain - the Pedro Duran Farell (GPDF) pipeline which runs via Morocco and the MEDGAZ pipeline which crosses the Mediterranean, Sonatrach Vice President Ahmed Mazighi said earlier. He added that "one of our objectives is to continue to produce more gas and to transport more gas to Europe and in particular to Spain,"

ROSEN Group to Introduce New Integrity Management Solution

ROSEN Group to Introduce New Integrity Management Solution

ROSEN Group is about to launch its new digital integrity management solution, NIMA, during this year’s IPC / IPE in Canada. According to ROSEN the new solution is offering customers a basis for secure decision-making by providing an accurate reflection of individual integrity management processes and easy access to all necessary data. The company expects NIMA to set a new standard in the oil and gas industry.

Transneft is the Fastest-Growing Brand in the Russian Oil and Gas Sector

A pipeline operated by Transneft (Copyright: Transneft)

Transneft became the fastest-growing brand in the russian oil and gas sector (the value of the brand grew by 53% to reach 58.9 billion roubles), according to Brand Finance, a consulting company in the field of strategy and valuation of brands.

The company has published on its website its ranking of the most valuable Russian brands in 2018. The evaluation was carried out according to several criteria: marketing investments, stakeholder equity and business performance.

Private Companies Permitted to Transport Refined Products in the Vibrant Mexican Market

Private Companies Permitted to Transport Refined Products in the Vibrant Mexican Market (Anton Watman / Shutterstock)

Mexico's Energy Regulatory Commission, known by its Spanish acronym CRE, has granted the country's first permit to a private company, Invex, for the transportation of refined products in a pipeline. CRE sees this as the first step in enhancing the efficiency of the domestic fuel market.

Texas Home to A Flurry of Pipeline Construction

Oil boom in Texas causes price distortions (Dabarti CGI / Shutterstock)

A consortium of pipeline giants Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), Magellan Midstream Partners (MMP), MPLX and the Delek Group will construct a multibillion dollar 966-km oil pipeline carrying Permian Basin oil to Houston on the Texas coast.

Because of the current dearth of pipelines in the United States shippers are augmenting the preferred way to ship oil through pipelines with cargo trucks and rail.

Qatar to support liquid gas terminal in Germany

Qatar to support liquid gas terminal in Germany (Wojciech Wrzesien / Shutterstock)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel highlighted the important role of Qatar in the global LNG industry. Germany is therefore looking to Qatar to develop its LNG industry. This was announced in a speech by the Chancellor at the opening of the Qatar-Germany Business and Investment Forum held on Friday in Berlin. She further stressed that liquefied petroleum gas could "contribute to the diversification of gas supply sources" and thus also serve the security of supply. Germany is already considering the construction of an import terminal for liquefied gas.

Saudi Arabia Looks to War Torn Yemen as a Venue for Another Export Oil Pipeline

Al Mahrah in Yemen (TUBS / CC BY-SA 3.0)

In a precautionary move designed to give Saudi Arabia more oil export options in the unlikely event that Iran closes down the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, the government of Prince Salman in Saudi Arabia intends to build an alternative pipeline from its borders through the Yemeni district of Al Mahrah to the Arabian Sea.

Already Saudi forces have been deployed along the coastal strip of Al Mahrah as the country prepares to extend the oil pipeline from Al Kharkir to the Port of Nishtun in Al Mahrah.

Construction of Trans Mountain Pipeline Ends As Project Left in Legal Limbo

NGPL Right-of-Way in Illinois (Copyright: Kinder Morgan)

The on again off again Trans Mountain Pipeline is currently off again, stranding some 2000 skilled workers who had been summoned for the project start.

"Official layoff notices have not been issued yet but we're waiting to hear what happens next. Our members were happy to be working. They were expecting long-term employment on the project and to wake up Thursday morning and hear the news on the radio — that the decision came down the way it did was a surprise to all of us,” said
Ryan Bruce, Director of Government and Public Relations for the union CLAC.

EUGAL: Approval for Northern Section Obtained

GASCADE-Employees are checking the construction (Copyright: Gascade)

Construction of the section of the European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL) in Saxony, Germany, can begin in September. The planning approval decision was handed over to the company in charge of the project, GASCADE Gastransport GmbH, by the Dresden office of the state authorities in Saxony today, Thursday, 6 September 2018. It contains all the partial approvals required to build the northern section of EUGAL in Saxony. The section runs southward from the municipality of Schönfeld in the Meißen district to Wilsdruff in the Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge district.

Permit for Dakota Access oil pipeline granted by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Permit for Dakota Access oil pipeline granted by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (NittyG  / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Over a year ago a judge ruled that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would again need to review the environmental impact of the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline. The Army Corps has now completed that second review and renewed the permit for the pipeline.

The Army Corps says in its decision that granting the permit and right of way for the company under federally owned land “does not result in disproportionately high and adverse human health or environmental effects on minority populations, including tribes, and low-income populations.”

EUGAL Pipeline: 292 km of the project awarded to Bonatti and Max Streicher

The train brings EUGAL pipes to selected train stations (Copyright: EUGAL)

Gascade, a subsidiary of BASF and Gazprom, has awarded the construction of 6 lots of the EUGAL Gas Pipeline to the Joint Venture between Bonatti and Max Streicher. The Pipeline will be powered by the Nord Stream 2, the gas transport network that connects Siberia to the heart of Europe via the Baltic Sea. The overall route of EUGAL is around 480 km long (Line 1 / 480 km; Line 2 / 329 km)

China's CNPC to Acquire Majority Stake in Promising South Pars Iranian Gas Project

Horizon of Persian Gulf in South Pars area (Alireza824 / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Seeing no viable way to continue its operations in Iran without being severely penalized by US President Donald Trump's renewed sanctions, French oil giant Total has opted to sell its stake in Iran's South Pars Gas Development to China's state-owned energy company CNPC and head home.

Outlook: Global Energy Transition to Push Investments in Natural Gas and LNG

Outlook: Global Energy Transition to Push Investments in Natural Gas and LNG (Leonardo da / Shutterstock)

Confidence in the case for gas is growing, according to a survey by DNV GL, the technical advisor to the industry. The vast majority (86%) of the 813 senior industry professionals surveyed agree that gas - the least carbon-intensive fossil fuel - will play an increasingly important role in the global energy mix over the next decade, up from 77% last year.

China Flouts US Sanctions Vis-A-Vis Iran

China Flouts US Sanctions Vis-A-Vis Iran (bob63 / shutterstock)

Two major US trading partners who simultaneously have maintained a trading relationship with Iran despite Washington demands to end it are smiling all the way to the bank.

In exchange for their fidelity to the Islamic Republic's petroleum resources China and India are reaping significant financial benefits in their purchases of the crude: In addition to getting a cut in the price Iran will be covering the costs of shipping the oil as well as insuring it.

US grants Liderroll another definitive patent for In-Tunnel Pipeline Construction

US grants Liderroll another definitive patent for In-Tunnel Pipeline Construction

Liderroll has achieved a major victory in the United States: US authorities have granted the definitive patent in the country for a special invention that will change the parameters of tunnel construction. This patent will give exclusivity to Liderroll to manufacture and install concave supports in tunnels made by tunnel boring machines (TBM). From now on, no other company is allowed to install concave supports that follow the geometry of the circular section of tunnels built with TBM. It was a victory of the company, after a lot of back-and-forth.

Keystone XL Pipeline Faces Yet Another Challenge

Keystone XL Pipeline Faces Yet Another Challenge (shannonpatrick17 / CC BY 2.0)

Even with the overwhelming support of the Trump administration there is no assurance in the United States that the Keystone XL Pipeline will ever be built.

Last week a federal judge has ordered the State Department to conduct a more thorough review of the pipeline’s proposed pathway after Nebraska state regulators changed the route, raising the possibility of further delays for a project first proposed in 2008.

Caspian Sea Agreement Injects New Hope in Long Dormant Pipeline Plans for the Region

Caspian Sea Agreement Injects New Hope in Long Dormant Pipeline Plans for the Region

After decades of political and legal wrangling the five littoral states to the Caspian Sea have agreed to the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea, clarifying maritime borders and granting each state sovereign rights to the sea.

The states, Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan can construct offshore pipelines if they have the consent of the neighboring country (before consent of all littoral states was required).

Russian President Vladimir Putin signs law of criminal liability for tappings into pipelines

Example for illegal pipeline tapping (copyright: ptc-paper-database)

The respective document is placed on the official legal information resource. The new law augments the article 215.3 (Disabling Oil, Gas and Petroleum Products Pipelines) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation with a new clause. The latter envisages liability not only for destroying or disabling pipeline transportation facilities, but also for unauthorised tapping into oil, gas and petroleum products pipelines by a person who has already been subjected to administrative penalty for a similar wrongdoing.

BHGE Breaks Ground on European Customer Solutions Center for Inspection Technologies Business

BHGE Breaks Ground on European Customer Solutions Center for Inspection Technologies Business (BHGE)

Baker Hughes, a GE company, has broken ground on a new European Customer Solutions Center (CSC) for its Inspection Technologies (IT) business, one of the world's leading providers of non-destructive testing (NDT). The CSC will be housed on IT’s existing Wunstorf, Germany site and will be the flagship CSC for European customers and partners. BHGE will invest a significant amount in the millions of dollars in the new 9.250 sqm CSC and plans to add up to 100 jobs to the Wunstorf site as part of the project.

Transboundary Pipeline Construction Booming Between the United States and Mexico

Sabotage of 780-km Oil Pipeline in Columbia Halts Operations (DDCoral / Shutterstock)

A record number of gas pipelines are being built for the surging Mexican power market, the recipient of abundant gas supplies from the Permian Basin across the border in the United States. Indeed the volume of gas exports has tripled in the past ten years. Presently 4.9 billion cu ft per day are exported to Mexico.

Sabotage of 780-km Oil Pipeline in Columbia Halts Operations

Sabotage of 780-km Oil Pipeline in Columbia Halts Operations (Free Wind 2014 / Shutterstock)

A bomb attack on the 780-km, 210,000 bpd Cano Limon Covenas oil pipeline in Columbia has forced Ecopetrol SA, the state - run oil company, to suspend operations.

The pipeline has been a target some 60 times this year by the National Liberation Army (ELN), the country’s sole remaining active guerrilla group, and ELN is suspected of this most recent sabotage as well.

Merkel and Putin to meet for talks about Nord Stream 2

Merkel and Putin meet to talk about Baltic Sea Gas Pipeilne (photocosmos1 / Shutterstock).

German chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian president Vladimir Putin are set to meet each other in Berlin this Saturday for talks about the controversial Baltic Sea Gas Pipeline, Nord Stream 2, which has been the target of raging criticism by US president Donald Trump and his administration. At least this will be one of the topics discussed, since topics like the war in Syria, the annexation of Crimea and the meddling of Russians in US elections are still hot.

US tariffs hike expected to hit Kinder Morgan gas pipeline project

NGPL Right-of-Way in Illinois (Copyright: Kinder Morgan)

US-President Donald Trump announced Friday to double tariffs on steel imported from Turkey to 50%. This could put additional pressure on Kinder Morgan’s proposed Gulf Coast Express Pipeline and dampen prospects for future US natural gas projects. Houston-based Kinder Morgan Inc., which moves more than a third of the gas consumed in the US, is sourcing 144,000 mt of steel pipe from Turkey, which is nearly half of the required steel. It is planned to be used for Gulf Coast Express. An American company is set to produce 175,000 mt for the mentioned pipeline.


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