Leak Detection

Direct-C Monitoring Services Inc.

Direct-C provides the ultimate real-time leak detection monitoring to operators around the globe.  Reduce the risk of an undetected leak and enhance your integrity management program.  Our nano-composite coatings react instantly, monitoring liquid hydrocarbons, produced water, or water under insulation.  Custom deployment options available for pipelines, well heads, or facilities.


PermAlert is the leading leak detection technology provider since 1988. As part of the larger Perma-Pipe Inc, we work closely with clients across the globe to address their leak detection challenges and ensure maximum protection of their assets.

Prisma Photonics

Prisma Photonics offers a ‘sensor-free’ approach, making physical infrastructure smarter. Based on next-generation fiber sensing, Prisma Photonics leverages pre-installed fiber optic cables to monitor oil&gas pipelines, electrical transmission lines, borders, railroads, highways, and other utilities.

Atmos International

We are deeply passionate about technology, innovation and customers, with a purpose to deliver the best pipeline leak detection, simulation solutions and customer service in the industry. More than 1,500 pipelines and 60 countries within the oil, gas, chemical, water, aviation and mining industries benefit from our technology.

Our powerful simulation tools and multi-method leak and theft detection help optimize and protect pipelines.

Fotech Solutions

Fotech, a bp Launchpad company, is a trusted partner to its customers in over 25 countries in the smart cities, infrastructure, security and pipeline sectors. Fotech combines photonics and technical expertise to deliver world-class, fibre-enabled solutions and deep insights that empower customers to make data-driven decisions.

Founded in 2008, Fotech is focused on innovation and excellence as it seeks every day to push boundaries.

GOTTSBERG Leak Detection

GOTTSBERG Leak Detection is a family owned developer and manufacturer of state of technology leak detection pigs that are extremely reliable, easy to use and which do not affect the pipeline operation in any way. With over 40 years of experience in the field of pipeline technology, GLD is well positioned to provide high quality goods for the customers.

Gottsberg tools not only help to make pipelines safer and to detect leaks and spillages but are also capable of finding illegal taps which are a growing problem in the industry.