Pipeline Technology Journal 1/2015

ptj 1/2015 Cover Page

Industry & Practice

  • In-Line Inspection of Challenging Pipelines Validated with Flow Loop Simulations
  • Sawyer Mfg. Co. improves the Ratchet Clamp-Model 255
  • Atmos International’s new theft solutions at PTC
  • Tracto Technik offers solutions for HDD Projects during Pipeline technology conference (ptc)
  • New Research into Aerial Vehicle Technologies to Enhance Pipeline Monitoring
  • Discovery™ completes successful deployment on Shell assets in the gulf of mexico
  • Technip’s subsidiary Tipiel awarded a contract for a new gas pipeline in Peru
  • ShawCor Announces Contract to Provide Pipe Coating Services for the GNEA Project in Argentina
  • Xcel Energy will use drone technology to protect and improve energy reliability and safety

Special Feature – Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc)

  • 10th Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) anniversery 8-10 June 2015 in Berlin

Research / Development / Technology

  • Pipeline Voltage - possible reasons why calculations of inductive interference pipeline voltages are highter than conducted measurements
  • Buried Steel - Seismic analysis of buried steel pipelines subjected to ground deformation with emphasis on the numerical modelling optimization
  • Grand Theft Pipeline - finite element simulation of guided waves to detect product theft from pipelines
  • Common Seawater Supply Project (CSSP) - enabling one of the world’s top oil producing regions
  • Dent Hunting - using high resolution in-line inspection technologies and finite element analysis
  • Remote Welding System (RWS) - new fully remote hyperbarbic welding system rated to 1000 msw
  • New era of In-Line Inspection (ILI) - intelligent Pigs for internal inspection & repair welding of cross-country Pipelines

Conferences / Seminars / Exhibitions

  • In-Line Inspection of Onshore and Offshore Pipelines
  • Geohazards and Geotechnics in Pipeline Engineering
  • Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) and its impact on pipeline corrosion management