New ptj Issue 1-2019
Inline Inspection / Integrity Management
The new PALIMEX®-880/-855
The two-tape system reliably protects your pipeline – and saves your budget.
Quality control in the passive corrosion protection – the coating inspector
Thomas Löffler >>> DENSO Andre Graßmann, Hilmar Jansen >>> Open Grid Europe
The key of safety and reliable operation is the pipeline integrity. Main elements and importance of pipeline integrity
Ferenc Peterfalvi >>> MOL
Predicting the future - applying corrosion growth rates from in-line inspections
Jane Dawson >>> Baker Hughes, a GE company
Improving Pipeline Scraping Operation – A systematic Approach and Case Study
Husain Al-Muslim, Mousa Al-Harbi >>> Saudi Aramco


Pipeline Technology Journal 6/2016

Pipeline Technology Journal 6/2016

Industry & Practice

  • The Pipeline Technology Journal as reference guide for high-end pipeline technologies
  • ExxonMobil and Sunoco in New Midstream Joint Venture
  • Energy Transfer Sees Dakota Access Pipeline Going Forward Soon
  • Water Pipeline Being Planned in Ireland
  • TransCanada has hope for Keystone XL Pipeline
  • Nigerian militants shut down Chevron Export Pipeline in Nigeria
  • The EU Takes A Serious Look at the Leviathan Giant Gas Field
  • Explosion Disrupts Iranian Gas Pipeline into Turkey

Research / Development / Technology

  • Deepwater NDT Technology for pipes and tubular structures
  • Dissection and Analysis of Retired Flexible Pipes – Key Findings and Lessons Learned
  • Beyond 3D: Extending life of subsea assets by applying advanced simulation and prediction
  • Inspection of subsea pipelines with the MEC™-Combi Crawler

Conferences / Seminars / Exhibitions

  • Preview: Pipeline - Pipe - Sewer - Technology
  • Event Calendar
Release Date: 
November 2016
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