Australia’s Booming Green Hydrogen Project Pipeline One of the Largest Worldwide

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Australia’s Booming Green Hydrogen Project Pipeline One of the Largest Worldwide

Hydrogen molecule (© Shutterstock/Corona Borealis Studio)
Hydrogen molecule (© Shutterstock/Corona Borealis Studio)

Australia is rapidly emerging as a major player in the global green hydrogen race, boasting one of the world's biggest project pipelines and significant government support.

According to a report published by on March 20, the country is leveraging its abundant renewable energy resources – solar, wind, and hydropower – to position itself as a leading producer of clean hydrogen, a critical fuel source for achieving net-zero emissions.

Australia's commitment is underscored by a $127 billion investment in over 80 potential green hydrogen projects. Additionally, the federal government is backing the industry through its Hydrogen Headstart Program, which has allocated more than $2 billion to support large-scale renewable hydrogen initiatives.

A recent grant of $1.6 million awarded to the Aboriginal Clean Energy Partnership (ACEP) exemplifies Australia's focus on fostering a diverse and inclusive hydrogen industry. The funding will support a feasibility study for the East Kimberley Clean Energy and Hydrogen Project, aiming to produce 50,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually using solar-powered electrolysis.

This project is significant as it paves the way for First Nations groups to take a leadership role in the energy transition. The hydrogen produced will be combined with existing hydropower to create renewable ammonia for export and domestic use.

Australian companies are exploring various approaches to hydrogen production and transportation. Provaris Energy Ltd., for instance, is developing a large-scale green electrolysis facility alongside a proprietary hydrogen containment tank technology for global export.

Elixir Energy Ltd., on the other hand, is looking beyond Australian shores, partnering with a Japanese company to investigate a green hydrogen project in Mongolia.

Some Australian companies are venturing beyond traditional methods, targeting naturally occurring hydrogen gas reserves trapped underground. HyTerra Ltd. and Gold Hydrogen Ltd. are at the forefront of this approach, pursuing projects in the United States and South Australia, respectively.

Australia's green hydrogen ambitions are being driven by a collective effort involving government agencies, industries, communities, and private enterprises. The collaborative approach positions the country to become a global green hydrogen powerhouse, contributing significantly to the global clean energy transition.

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