Berlin was the international hub for the pipeline and pipe network industry

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Berlin was the international hub for the pipeline and pipe network industry

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Opening Panel Discussion „Pipeline Supply Options for Europe“ (Bettonville, Watzka, Linke, Majedi, Venas)
Opening Panel Discussion „Pipeline Supply Options for Europe“ (Bettonville, Watzka, Linke, Majedi, Venas)

A total of 540 participants from 52 different countries convened in Berlin to share expert knowledge within the framework of the 11th Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc). The event took place from 23 to 25 May 2016 and was held this year, for the first time, together with the inaugural Pipe and Sewer Conference (PASC).

International speakers from expert circles discussed a range of different developments across a total of 14 technical sessions covering 90 lectures in the fields of Planning & Construction, Integrity Management, Coating, Corrosion, Materials, In-line Inspection, Leak Detection, Remote Sensing, Offshore Technologies, Pump & Compressor Stations, SCADA/Automation and Asset Management. There were some particularly interesting presentations and discussions regarding further development in the field of intelligent pipeline inspection gauges, coating procedures, leak detection and remote monitoring using drones, helicopters and satellites.

Once these lectures were over, the interesting discussions continued against the backdrop of the accompanying trade show featuring a total of 62 exhibitors. Participants took advantage of the opportunity to gather information about new products and innovative business solutions. The ptc/PASC registered an incredible record for the number of exhibitors at the event: The trade show has grown by almost 30% and practically all of the exhibitors have already announced that they will be attending the next event in 2017.

Over the course of just 10 years, the Pipeline Technology Conference/Pipe and Sewer Conference has developed into one of the world's most important platforms for the international pipeline industry. 70 percent of speakers and exhibitors come from overseas. Dr. Ritter, Conference Chairman and President of the EITEP Institute explained: "We saw that technology and service providers from the 'old' pipeline countries in North America and Western Europe, where valuable regulations and lessons learned in the transport of oil, gas and water have been in place for years, were in Berlin meeting operators predominantly from the 'new' pipeline countries in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. These kind of encounters lead to valuable international technological exchanges. This is how the ptc/PASC has been able to establish itself as an international hub for the pipeline industry."

The entire conference program was accompanied by a series of networking opportunities. On the evening before the event, the members of the 37-person Advisory Committee along with the speakers, moderators and exhibitors were invited to a 'Pre-Conference Reception'. The dinner, hosted at Jagdschloss Grunewald, was another real highlight of the event. The castle, which is beautifully located on the shores of the Grunewald Lake, provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable dinner with a hunting-themed framework program (horn blowers, archery, art gallery). This was especially well received by the guests from America, Asia and Africa.

At this year's event, there was a real emphasis on future issues that will affect the entire pipeline industry. With this in mind, prominent experts had the opportunity to air the most important points against the backdrop of several panel discussions.


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