Canada Sees Itself As A Leader in Green Hydrogen Energy

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Canada Sees Itself As A Leader in Green Hydrogen Energy

Flag of Canada (© Shutterstock/Tatohra)
Flag of Canada (© Shutterstock/Tatohra)

Tree Energy Solutions (TES) Canada H2 will build a Canadian dollar $4 billion ($2.9 US) green hydrogen project in Quebec, reducing the province's carbon emissions by 2030, according to Reuters.

Canada has placed major bets on clean hydrogen, with plans to source 30 per cent of its energy from the fuel by mid-century, up from virtually zero today, and become one of the top three global producers.

The country appears ideally suited to the hydrogen revolution with abundant amounts of hydroelectric power and a favorable tax regime. Indeed Canada is known colloquially as a hydro superpower.

The project will produce 70,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually from 2028 - about a third of which will be dedicated to decarbonizing long-haul gas pipelines, and the remaining will be used to produce electric renewable natural gas.

The green hydrogen project will use a wind and solar farm to produce most of the energy it needs, and it will create over 1,000 temporary jobs during the construction period, in addition to permanent positions, giving the economy in Quebec a big boost.

Green hydrogen, which is produced by splitting water using renewable electricity, has been extolled for its potential to decarbonise hard-to-abate sector such as heavy industry.

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