Corinth Pipeworks Awarded €27 Million Contract for Hydrogen-Ready Pipeline in Greece

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Corinth Pipeworks Awarded €27 Million Contract for Hydrogen-Ready Pipeline in Greece

Flag of Greece (© Shutterstock/akedesign)
Flag of Greece (© Shutterstock/akedesign)

DESFA, the Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator, has awarded a contract exceeding $29 million (€27 million) to Corinth Pipework to manufacture and supply pipes for a major gas pipeline project in the Middle East.

Announced by the parent company, Cenergy Holdings on November 5, 2023, the contract involves the manufacture and supply of approximately 56 kilometers of 30-inch longitudinally welded steel pipes (LSAW) for the Greek section of the Natural Gas Interconnector between Greece and North Macedonia (IGNM).

The project will strengthen Greece's position as an energy hub by establishing new energy routes for Southeast Europe. It leverages DESFA's existing gas infrastructure, including the LNG Terminal in Revithoussa and the National Natural Gas Transmission System, to diversify and enhance regional energy security.

The new pipeline will be the second in Greece capable of transporting 100% hydrogen, contributing to the country's hydrogen backbone and facilitating the development of a regional hydrogen market in Southeast and Central Europe.

This collaboration on hydrogen-compatible infrastructure fosters the growth of a robust hydrogen market and enables the transmission of renewable gases, driving Greece's energy transition.

Stretching from N. Messimvria to the Greek/North Macedonian border near Evzoni/Gevgelia, the high-pressure pipeline will connect with the North Macedonian Natural Gas Transmission System through a Border Metering Station.

Certified for 100% hydrogen transport, the pipeline complies with ASME B31.12 Option B, demonstrating a technically and economically viable solution for the safe transportation of hydrogen at high pressures through large-diameter, high-strength steel pipelines.

All 30-inch, hydrogen-certified pipes will be manufactured at Corinth Pipeworks' production facilities in Thisvi, Greece. The scope of supply also includes internal and three-layer polyethylene, external coating, and hot induction bends, all applied at the same location as pipe manufacturing.

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