A Damaged Pipeline Causes Water Shortage In South Africa

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A Damaged Pipeline Causes Water Shortage In South Africa

Thu, 04/08/2021 - 10:15
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Broken water pipeline (copyright by Shutterstock/RosnaniMusa)
Broken water pipeline (copyright by Shutterstock/RosnaniMusa)

Customers in the north eastern part of South Africa, not far from the Zimbabwean and Mozambique borders, are experiencing disruptions to their water supplies, owing to damage of the mains water pipeline linking the Dan Reservoirs with the Nkowankowa Water Treatment Plant. Because of this, in recent days, customers in the following population centres including Nkowankowa, Dan, Mariveni, Mohlaba, Mhlaba Cross Sasekani, Rita (Khopo) and Khujwana have experienced water shortages. Consequently, in an effort to maintain supplies, the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, the local authority responsible for the region, has despatched water tankers to the affected areas.

According to the Greater Tzaneen Municipality, efforts to repair the damaged pipeline are taking place. It is hoped that water supplies will soon be fully restored for the 400,000 plus affected customers in the Greater Tzaneen Municipality.

However, it is anticipated that the first tranche of customers to have their water supplies fully restored will be located in low lying areas of the region.

In fact, according to local media reports from the Letaba Herald, it is not the first time that this very set of customers located in a known water shortage area , have had their water supplies disrupted.

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