Keystone Pipeline Resurrection is possible if the permit revocation is declared illegal

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Keystone Pipeline Resurrection is possible if the permit revocation is declared illegal

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 11:26
court gavel on court desk (coypright by Adobe Stock/
court gavel on court desk (coypright by Adobe Stock/

The Canadian Province, Alberta, on Thursday urged Texas federal judge to declare the revocation of a key permit for the canceled Keystone XL pipeline by Biden administration illegal, stating that a ruling on the case's merit could allow the project to go on.

The province, which is an investor in the now-canceled $9 billion Alberta-to-Nebraska pipeline project, has joined Texas, Montana, and other US states, which contested the current US administration decision even before the project's suspension.

According to Alberta's energy minister, Sonya Savage: "The Canadian and US energy systems are highly integrated, and continued cooperation – as Alberta is demonstrating by filing this amicus brief – is needed to ensure North American energy security."

"As the brief makes clear, President Biden's executive order is an attempt to regulate international commerce, a power expressly reserved to Congress," echoed Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen's spokesperson, Kyler Nerison.

The Keystone XL project terminated in July by TC Energy Corp was expected to transmit 830,000 barrels of oil sands crude per day to the US refiners. However, the project was canceled by the owner, TC Energy Corp, following the revocation of the presidential permit needed for the 1,200-mile pipeline project, with an executive order.

Although Biden's administration was seeking to end the case on the grounds that it was moot, Texas and other plaintiffs, through their court filings, argued that the case is not moot as its determination could lead to reviving the stalled pipeline's project by TC Energy or any other entity.

Keystone XL pipeline project faced multiple delays due to the opposition from Native American tribes, US landowners, and environmentalists since it was proposed in 2008. However, last month, TC Energy Corp said last month it was seeking $15billion damages compensation from the US government over the canceled Keystone XL pipeline project.

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