Nord Stream 1 Comes To A Halt

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Nord Stream 1 Comes To A Halt

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 08:38
Pipeline valve with manometer (© Shutterstock/Krasowit)
Pipeline valve with manometer (© Shutterstock/Krasowit)

Amid rocketing energy prices in Europe Russia's Gazprom has halted gas supplies to Germany via Nord Stream 1 citing "maintenance" issues.

The energy giant said due to maintenance on Nord Stream 1 there would be no gas flow to Germany between August 31 and September 3. It said that there is "necessary" work at a compressor station that needed to be carried out after "every 1,000 hours of operation."

Germany's Federal Network Agency chief Klaus Müller called the cessation of gas flows a "technically incomprehensible decision," and that Nord Stream 1 was "fully operational."

In recent months, the gas flow had been reduced to 40% of expected levels. In July, the flow was stopped for scheduled maintenance and resumed again after 10 days but at only 20% of capacity, with Moscow blaming the failure of Germany to return vital equipment due to sanctions imposed on Russia.

Since invading Ukraine, Russia has cut off gas supply to Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Poland completely, and reduced flows via other pipelines.

A significant redirection of gas supplies from Russia that are no longer going to Europe is not considered possible because pipelines in that direction are few and far between.

China is buying only a fraction of exports going towards Europe, which is believed to be the reason behind the decision by Russia to burn off huge quantities of gas in recent days.

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