Operators from EGAS, TAQA Arabia, GASCO, CCC etc. shared knowledge during the Seminar: “life-cycle extension of pipelines” in Cairo

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Operators from EGAS, TAQA Arabia, GASCO, CCC etc. shared knowledge during the Seminar: “life-cycle extension of pipelines” in Cairo

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Operators from EGAS, TAQA Arabia, GASCO, CCC etc. shared knowledge during the Seminar: “life-cycle extension of pipelines” in Cairo
Operators from EGAS, TAQA Arabia, GASCO, CCC etc. shared knowledge during the Seminar: “life-cycle extension of pipelines” in Cairo

The successfully held seminar on “Pipeline Life-Cycle Extension Strategies (from a German operator's point of view)” on the 14th of Feb 2017 had an ample amount of participating managers, technical experts and researchers from Germany, Qatar and Egypt. The seminar is a spin-off event of the international conference and exhibition under the title “Pipeline-Pipe-Sewer Technology conference and exhibition, PPST” (17-19 Sep 2017, Cairo). Under the patronage of the Minister of Petroleum and Metallurgy, H.E. Mr. Tarek El-Molla, and the Minister of Housing, Urban Development and Transport, H.E. Dr. Mostafa Kamal Madbouli Mohammed, the PPST is devoted to the exchange of latest technologies on Pipeline, Pipe and Sewer in order to expand their safe, cost effective and sustainable use.

The seminar was chaired by Mr. Heinz Watzka, former Managing Director Technical Services of Germany’s largest pipeline operator Open Grid Europe, who gave detailed technical input on innovative tools and techniques developed for a failure-free and economic operation and maintenance of high-pressure oil, gas and water pipeline systems sharing his long year’s experiences as an operator.

The main topics of discussion were Leak detection, Pipeline safety, In-line inspection, Pipeline integrity management systems, Stations and Components as well as Repair works.

Participants from EGAS, TAQA Arabia, GASCO, CCC etc. assured their attendance to the upcoming “Pipeline-Pipe-Sewer Technology conference and exhibition, PPST” in order to deepen their knowledge.

Mr. Heinz Watzka, Course Director, stated that: "It was a vivid seminar with fruitful and intensive knowledge and technological exchange. The participants have also shared a lot of knowledge discussing with each other. Theoretical lectures and knowledge sharing of operators as well as deep discussions made the seminar to a very efficient event.”

Egypt and other regions in Africa and Middle East are on the way to a better industrialization. They are in need of a well-developed supply and disposal infrastructure. The PPST intends to promote Egypt as regional hub (Africa-Europe-Asia) for sustainable solutions related to pipeline, pipe and sewer assets. Furthermore it supports the regional industry in establishing a reliable pipeline, pipe and sewer infrastructure for domestic industrial development and connection to export markets by inviting potential investors, suppliers and business partners from international operators, producers and service companies.

The seminar has been followed by the first advisory committee meeting led by experts from small, medium and large companies and operators in the energy and water sector chaired by the Co-Chair of the event Dr. Alaa El Ezz, Secretary General of the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations, "CEEBA", Secretary General of the Federation of Egyptian Chamber of Commerce, “FEDCOC”, and previous Secretary General of the Egyptian Division of the International Chamber of Commerce, "ICC-Egypt".

Dr. Alaa Ezz, First under-secretary, stressed out the support of the Government of Egypt where the is under the auspices of the Prime Minister, with the full support of the Minister of Housing, and the Minister of Petroleum, as well as the regional support of the Union of African Chambers, Union of Arab Chambers and Union of Mediterranean Chambers. Furthermore he stated that "all new projects in Egypt and especially the new capita, the Suez Canal corridor and the reclamation of 1.5 million acres will need state-of-the-art technologies for water, sewage and irrigation systems. Also in regards to the eminent rehabilitation of Libya and Syria in the near future, Egyptian companies will play a major role in re-building up both countries as well as their ongoing activities in other Arab and African countries. Already now the majority of big infrastructure projects in Africa are being implemented by Egyptian companies. Therefore PPST brings together both the regional and international scientists, professional and decision makers as well as research institutes, governmental agencies, industrials and other interest groups delivering possible synergies, knowledge and an added value through discussions, deep technical sessions accompanied by an exhibition. The impulse for the technology development through the conference and exhibition are fundamental in order to confront the challenges in the region for more sustainability.”


About EITEP:
The Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer in Environmental Protection, EITEP, was originally founded by the German technical and scientific associations on energy and water. The main objective of the EITEP Institute is to foster the international information and technology transfer in the water, energy, environment and infrastructure sector. The institute cooperates with different federal and regional governmental ministries, institutions of higher education and our partner associations and their member companies. By means of this network in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa, the EITEP Institute develops and organizes international conferences, seminars and electronic journals.
Contact: Mr. Marian Ritter, ppst@eitep.de

The German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC) was established in Egypt in 1951. Representing more than 3300 member companies, GACIC is the largest organisation in the framework of business cooperation between Germany and the Arab world. With 85% of its members being Egyptian companies the GACIC focuses on member support and is very closely interlinked with the Egyptian governmental and private sector institutions such as the Federation of Chambers of Commerce (FedCoc) in Egypt and the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI). Through a multitude of projects, conferences and delegation exchanges, the GACIC has developed excellent relationship to key-decision makers in each industrial sector and respective ministries. The German-Arab Chamber is regarded as one of the best organizers of high-profile conference and exhibition in Egypt.
Contact: Ms. Marion Kußmann, marionkussmann@ahk-mena.com

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