Pipeline Technology Conference 2020: Dinner Location Fixed

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Pipeline Technology Conference 2020: Dinner Location Fixed


Participants of the upcoming Pipeline Technology Conference (ptc) are to enjoy drinks and food during a horse race.

Pipeline Technology Conference 2020: Dinner Location Fixed (Copyright: Berliner Trabrenn-Verein e. V.)
Pipeline Technology Conference 2020: Dinner Location Fixed (Copyright: Berliner Trabrenn-Verein e. V.)

The organizers of the upcoming 15th Annual Pipeline Technology Conference in Berlin, Germany have announced the location of the traditional conference dinner. This year conference participants are invited to visit the Trabrennbahn Mariendorf, one of the most successful harness racing tracks in Germany, hosting more than 650 races a year. And it is also one of the most beautiful sites with imposing chestnut trees surrounding 32 stables on the 24 hectare site. A particular treat for the eyes is the Art Nouveau grandstand that fortunately survived the war. The location boasts not only high-quality drinks and meals but a horse race at night will highlight the evening for the participating pipeliners. After the horses are presented, the pipeliners can also bet on their favorites. The dinner and race will make Europe's leading pipeline conference and exhibition one long remembered.

The dinner takes place on the 1st of April after a long day of technical sessions that cover all relevant areas of the pipeline industry. It continues a tradition of almost 10 years, as Dennis Fandrich, the Conference Chairman, notes: "We attach great importance not only in providing high-quality technical content during the conference but also in presenting participants with unique and attractive events that make their stay even more pleasant and memorable".

Events, such as the dinner invitation, are integral to the overall conference experience. After all, it is not only about technical aspects of the pipeline business, but also enabling participants to maintain and expand their personal and professional networks. Dr. Klaus Ritter, who as president of the organizer EITEP initiated the ptc 15 years ago, explains: "The dinner invitations have always been very popular among our participants, alongside the Get-Together-Party the day before. People have learned to enjoy their stay with us in Berlin. It is yet another aspect where ptc stands out, in addition to the event's unparalleled level of internationalization and the impressive number of pipeline operators present during the 4-days of ptc".

More than 80 pipeline operators were present at the ptc 2019. They are attracted by the event's high quality plenary and panel discussions that focus on the industry's most important and timely pipeline issues. This year, the safety of pipeline construction projects and the importance of the Eurasian pipeline connections will be discussed at length, alongside other topics that can be found in the published conference program.

Interested parties, who would like to present themselves to the global pipeline industry, are always welcome. More information is available on the ptc's official website: www.pipeline-conference.com.

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