Pipeline Technology Journal 1-2017 now online

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Pipeline Technology Journal 1-2017 now online

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Pipeline Technology Journal 1-2017
Pipeline Technology Journal 1-2017

The first ptj of 2017 is now online, featuring insightful technical articles about latest pipeline related technologies and topics.

This issue lays its focus on comprehensive topics. The first article provided by Siemens is about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and their potential benefit for Pipeline Integrity Management: Taking-Off with UAVs: just hype or a future key technology in the pipeline integrity management? https://www.pipeline-journal.net/ejournal/ptj-1-2017/#6

The second article is a cooperation between multiple company's from the UK, Premtech, Synthotech, PIE and National Grid. It features an interesting approach regarding a robotic system for internal inspection: Asset Management of High Pressure Installations: Project GRAID - an innovation project to develop a robotics system for internal inspection of buried pipework, https://www.pipeline-journal.net/ejournal/ptj-1-2017/#16

This issue of ptj is completed by Gottsberg Leak Detection and the important topic of product theft of pipelines: Hot tapping and product theft on pipelines. A way to detect and locate these spots during normal operation https://www.pipeline-journal.net/ejournal/ptj-1-2017/#26

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