Qi2 Elements Enters the Market with Aplomb

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Qi2 Elements Enters the Market with Aplomb

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Quest Integrated and Qanta Inline Devices merger (coypright by QI2 Elements)
Quest Integrated and Qanta Inline Devices merger (coypright by QI2 Elements)

Quest Integrated, LLC and Qanta Inline Devices, LLC, two highly respected technology leaders in the far-reaching pipeline industry, have decided to merge their respective capabilities to form Qi2 Elements, thereby forming the foundation for developing a new technology driven industry leader in providing "superior storage tank and pipeline inspection and integrity management services." 

The new company says it will provide aboveground storage tank, pipeline, pressure vessel and high-purity equipment owners and operators the industry's most technically advanced inspection services.

"The merger with Q-Inline is the natural evolution of what has proven to be an already successful technology partnership. Qi2 Elements' ability to now deliver technology-enhanced storage tank and pipeline integrity and inspection services through one company magnifies our capabilities and enhances our value proposition to our customers," stated Milton Altenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Quest Integrated.

In a prepared statement, Qi2 Elements said it expects to launch its new short-body, unidirectional electro magnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) guided wave technology in the first quarter of 2021, which is ideally suited for the inspection of unpiggable or difficult-to-inspect small diameter gas pipelines. Additionally, the company's planned introduction of gas-coupled ultrasonic (UT) wall loss ILI technology will provide operators the capability to further optimize life cycle performance of their critical pipeline networks.

"We have been pleased with the evolution of the technology relationship we have enjoyed with Quest Integrated. The combination of Q-Inline and Quest Integrated is a catalyst for the expanded application of novel technologies in pipeline and storage tank inspection. We believe this transaction will bring new benefits to Quanta's pipeline and industrial customers," said Paul Gregory, Chief Strategy Officer and President, Pipeline & Industrial at Quanta Services Inc.

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