Russian Drone Strikes Damage Gas Pipeline in Southern Ukraine

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Russian Drone Strikes Damage Gas Pipeline in Southern Ukraine

Rendering of a Shahed drone (© Shutterstock/Anelo)
Rendering of a Shahed drone (© Shutterstock/Anelo)

Russian drone attacks overnight on Sunday damaged a gas pipeline and residential buildings in the southern Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv, the Irish Times news reported, citing information from Ukrainian military officials.

According to the report, at least one civilian was injured in the strikes, which targeted critical infrastructure and civilian areas.

Ukraine's Southern Operational Command reported on Telegram that its air defense systems intercepted and destroyed 26 Shahed drones launched by Russia over several southern regions, primarily focusing on Mykolaiv, a key port city near the Black Sea.

Falling debris from one of the downed drones and the subsequent blast wave caused damage to a gas pipeline and several residential buildings in Mykolaiv, the military confirmed, noting that the engagement with the drones lasted over five hours.

However, the extent of the damage and any possible gas supply disruptions remain unclear. Ukrainian air defences also intercepted all drones targeting Kyiv, the capital, resulting in no casualties or destruction within the city or its surrounding areas, the military added.

This incident highlights the ongoing use of drone strikes by both sides in the Ukraine conflict, raising concerns about civilian casualties and damage to critical infrastructure.

While Ukrainian air defences appear increasingly effective in intercepting drones, the Mykolaiv attack demonstrates the potential for continued risks and disruptions as the conflict persists.

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