Sensing pipelines health with Light

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Sensing pipelines health with Light


Optical fiber sensors are used around the globe to monitor the condition of difficult‐to‐access bits of infrastructure. Pipelines are certainly among them.

Optosensing proposes a versatile, fully automated station able to install optical fiber sensing cables along the pipelines making them "smart" in such a way that they become able to sense any three dimensional deformations or leakages.

In fact, 3‐D pipeline deformation can be detected by simply deploying and gluing three optical fiber cables at 9, 12 and 3 o’clock positions along the pipeline. Taking advantage of a suitable interrogation technique, namely Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis, it is possible to measure the strain profiles along the pipeline and reconstruct the 3‐D deformation. The same fiber cables are able to detect and pinpoint any leakages through the measurement of the temperature changes induced by gas and/or liquid spills.

Optosensing's fully automated station, for sensing optical fiber cables installation, makes the dream of any pipeline management companies true: The smart pipeline, with self‐diagnostic capabilities, becomes an easy‐to‐implement reality.

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