Sheberghan-Mazar Gas Pipeline Underway, Doubling Capacity & Boosting Local Economy

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Sheberghan-Mazar Gas Pipeline Underway, Doubling Capacity & Boosting Local Economy

Afghanistan on the map (© Shutterstock/hyotographics)
Afghanistan on the map (© Shutterstock/hyotographics)

Construction on a crucial natural gas pipeline connecting Sheberghan to Mazar-e-Sharif is well underway, Afghan Gas Company officials confirmed.

The project, exceeding 100 million afghanis in cost, is expected to significantly increase gas supply and fuel economic growth in the region.

"This pipeline boasts double the capacity of its predecessor, ensuring a reliable and abundant gas flow," the head of Afghan Gas Company in Jawzjan, Akhtar Mohammad Mansour, emphasized the project's importance.

He further stated that construction is financed entirely by the national budget and executed by skilled local engineers. Covering a total distance of 94 kilometers, the project has already seen 20 kilometers completed.

"International-certified welders are overseeing every stage of construction, guaranteeing the pipeline's safety and longevity," Abdul Sabour, the project manager, assured quality control.

Morale among the workforce is high, with engineers expressing their pride in contributing to the nation's development. "Working on this project fills me with joy," one engineer stated. "It's not only safe but also a chance to serve my country," another echoed.

Local officials report a current extraction capacity of 650 cubic meters of gas from 30 operational wells in Jawzjan province. This figure is expected to rise with the completion of the new pipeline, further bolstering Afghanistan's energy independence and creating opportunities for downstream industries.

The Sheberghan-Mazar Gas Pipeline marks a significant step forward in Afghanistan's infrastructure development and economic revitalization. With increased energy security and local participation, the project holds immense potential to improve lives and drive sustainable growth in the region.

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