Southeast Europe' s international gas conference and exhibition will be held in May in Opatija, Croatia

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Southeast Europe' s international gas conference and exhibition will be held in May in Opatija, Croatia

Thu, 02/28/2019 - 08:41
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Southeast Europe' s international gas conference and exhibition will be held in May in Opatija, Croatia
Southeast Europe' s international gas conference and exhibition will be held in May in Opatija, Croatia

Croatian Gas Center Ltd. and Croatian Gas Association, member of the International Gas Union (IGU) are announcing the 34th edition of the International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals, which will be held from 8th to 10th of May, 2019 in the Congress Centre of the Grand Hotel Adriatic, in Opatija, Croatia.

One of the largest three-day international gas conferenceS & exhibitions in Central and South-East Europe will once again gather 600 distinguished gas and energy experts and managers from about 230 gas companies and institutions, 45 exhibitors from 20 and more countries. Conference will cover a number of current issues relevant to the gas economy and energy industry that stretch along the entire natural gas chain as well as the key issue that will determine the development of natural gas markets in the near future.

In the first keynote speech Francisco de la Flor, director of Enagas and the vice-chair of the International Gas Union Task Force 3 will present the Triennium Working Program 2018-21 of the IGU Task Force 3 – Energy policy. The TF3 will address the main topics under IGU´s scope, which are: Greenhouse gas emissions; Air quality; Gas & renewable energies; Gas for transport; Energy access & economic development; Energy efficiency.

Prof. Igor Dekanic, D.Sc. from the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering, University in Zagreb, will elaborate the basic elements of geopolitical influences on the use of gas sources and available transport routes in a changing market conditions.

Gas expert Stevo Kolundzic, D.Sc. will speak about natural gas prices predictability in comparison to other energy sources. Prof. Dr. Ing. Gerhard Schmitz from the Hamburg University of Technology will give a short overview about energy storages for resilient energy systems with a high amount of renewables and he will mention the meaning of gas as a storable energy carrier. But with "Gas" he means the thermodynamic state, gas could be natural gas, LNG or in furture hydrogen and biogas, too. Prof. Schmitz will also mention some new possibilities of new electricity storages like high temperature storages.

The conference will present the current situation and future construction of gas infrastructural facilities in the Republic of Croatia (LNG terminal on the island of Krk, evacuation gas pipelines and expansion of the transport network, compressor stations and peak gas storage facility). There will also be talks on the use of smart technologies in the gas and energy systems, innovation and transfer of technologies and their role in the gas industry and introductory speeches and panel-discussion on today's gas market in the EU and Croatia and future challenges.

Many paper presentations will discuss the issues relating to gas distributers in terms of system efficiency and security. Dr. Jeffrey M. Seisler, CEO of Clean Fuels Consulting, will present an interesting speech titled „Funding Opportunities for NGVs: A Roadmap to Brussels“ on the potential of the use of gas in transport and associated issues like the opportunities in financing from EU funds of development projects for NGVs. Oportunity for LNG to become the fuel for the maritime transportation in the light of the new IMO regulations will also be discussed at the event.

News in the technical regulations and the rules of the profession for the safe and efficient use of gas and their application in practice will be an important topic of the upcoming Meeting. In addition to verbal presentations of scientific and professional papers a poster session will be held, featuring papers by numerous experts from different energy sectors.

The conference will be followed by the gas equipment and technology exhibition which will bring together 45 local and foreign exhibitors, mainly manufacturers and dealers of gas equipment, as well as many other renowned companies which will present its advanced technical solutions for the gas and energy industry.

All gas market participants are invited to take advantage of this unique opportunity to present its products, services and projects by exhibiting gas equipment and other advanced gas technologies solutions, promotional posters, leaflets and brochures on indoor and outdoor exhibiton units.
Sponsorship of this established gas event provides a unique opportunity for companies to strengthen their position, showcase expertise and new technical solutions needed to overcome the challenges of the gas economy industry.
Networking, targeted topics and reputable speakers represent a combination of science, education, profession and business entities that actively participate in the gas industry.

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