Summit Carbon Solutions Expands Iowa CO2 Pipeline Plans by 50%

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Summit Carbon Solutions Expands Iowa CO2 Pipeline Plans by 50%

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The flag of the state of Iowa infront of the US flag (© Shutterstock/rarrarorro)
The flag of the state of Iowa infront of the US flag (© Shutterstock/rarrarorro)

Summit Carbon Solutions is proposing a significant expansion of its carbon capture pipeline network in Iowa, aiming to connect to more ethanol plants and nearly double the project's footprint in the state, News From The States reported on Tuesday, March 5, 2023. 

According to the report, the company, which is seeking approval from the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) for its initial pipeline proposal, is now planning to add roughly 340 miles of new pipeline across 22 counties. 

This expansion would connect an additional 18 ethanol plants to the project, bringing the total number of participating facilities in Iowa to 30.

The latest development follows the withdrawal of Navigator CO2 from a similar pipeline project, with two major ethanol producers, POET and Valero, shifting their support to Summit.

"We view our project as representing a meaningful shift in agriculture to lower the carbon intensity of biofuel products," said Summit CEO Lee Blank.

Summit also plans to file for permits for 14 additional hazardous liquid pipelines to connect to the POET and Valero facilities. 

The expanded project is expected to transport over 16 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually, with a total capacity of 18 million metric tons.

Both Summit and participating ethanol plants stand to benefit from federal tax incentives for carbon capture and low-carbon fuel production. 

Additionally, ethanol plants could access new markets for their products, such as sustainable aviation fuels.

Despite being touted as an effort to decarbonize the future, the project faces opposition from groups concerned about landowner rights, public safety, and the environmental impact of ethanol production. 

Meanwhile, the IUB is currently reviewing Summit's initial permit application. 

The company also plans to reapply in South Dakota despite their project being rejected in the Dakotas, and is seeking public input through meetings scheduled across the 22 affected counties in Iowa.

This expansion proposal marks a significant development for Summit's carbon capture project, potentially increasing its reach and impact within the state. 

However, the project continues to face regulatory hurdles and public concerns that must be addressed before moving forward.

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