Trans Mountain Pipeline Restarted But B.C 30L Fuel-rationing Order Remains In Place

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Trans Mountain Pipeline Restarted But B.C 30L Fuel-rationing Order Remains In Place

Progress on river diversion - Coldwater Area (© Trans Mountain)
Progress on river diversion - Coldwater Area (© Trans Mountain)

The Trans Mountain Pipeline restarted "safely" on Sunday 5, 2021, according to the company's officials, after a three-week precautionary shutdown. But the B.C government maintained the fuel-rationing order for the province's southwestern areas.

The company on Sunday confirmed a successful return to operations after it had completed all the necessary assessments, repairs, and construction of the protective earthwork that was needed to allow the return of gas transmission through the pipeline.

"As part of this process, Trans Mountain will monitor the line on the ground, by air, and through our technology systems operated by our control centre," the company said in a statement published on their website, expressing the company's commitment to safety of the pipeline.

According to a statement sent CTV News Vancouver, B.C Emergency Management said it was encouraged by the resumption of operations through the pipeline transporting about 300,000 barrels of oil per day from Alberta to Burnaby. However, the fuel rationing order will stay for some time.

The closure of the pipeline and the damage of several other highways between the Lower Mainland and the B.C's interior was the reason for the introduction of the fuel-rationing order by the provincial government.

The fuel-rationing order will stay for some parts of the northeastern part of the province, including Lower Mainland, the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, the Sea to Sky corridor, and the Sunshine Coast, limiting drivers to only 30 litres of gasoline per fill-up.

The fuel-rationing order initially scheduled to laspse on December 1 was extended for two more weeks to December 14, alongside the B.C state of emergency issued late November due to the catastrophic flooding experienced in the province.

Although the Trans Mountain Pipeline resumed operations, it's still unclear whether the 30-litre per fill-up order will remain through December 14 as the agency said the conditions of the order would be re-evaluated as the province continues to recover from flood damage. But EMBC said the order would remain for some time.

"The fuel order will remain in effect to prioritize essential vehicles and will be re-evaluated as the Province continues to recover from the recent weather events," the EMBC  said on Sunday.

"We all must continue to do our part and limit our fuel consumption and take transit when possible. British Columbians have stepped up in big ways, and we are confident this can continue for the next little while," the agency added.

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