Will Russia Be Next To Transport Hydrogen Through Long Distance Gas Pipelines?

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Will Russia Be Next To Transport Hydrogen Through Long Distance Gas Pipelines?

Tue, 07/28/2020 - 11:21
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Gazprom home web page (copyright by Adobe Stock/PixieMe)
Gazprom home web page (copyright by Adobe Stock/PixieMe)

Russia's Ministry of Energy has announced that Gazprom and Rosatom have been charged with developing a roadmap in order to produce clean hydrogen by 2024.

As much of Russia's economy depends of the export of oil, gas and coal, the country's Nomenklatura have seen the handwriting on the wall and are moving decisively to reorient Russia toward a much more diversified energy sector. To this end, starting from 2021, the government intends to build on the country’s reputation as a hydrogen supplier, aiming to make exports of the world’s most abundant gas a large part of its energy sector.

Russia's vast network of pipelines will play a key role in bringing the clean hydrogen to market and, as with the traditional fossil fuel exports, Europe is envisioned as the top export market.

In old gas pipelines hydrogen can be mixed up to 20 percent of the gas; Gazprom estimates in new pipelines like Nord Stream 2 the hydrogen percentage could be up to 70 percent.

Gazprom is looking to develop and test a new hydrogen turbine this coming year.  Germany will find this interesting in light of the emerging energy partnership between Siemens and Gazprom Energy Holding.

For its part, Rosatom wants to launch a pilot project for hydrogen-driven trains, in particular a train to transport passengers to the far east island of Sakhalin.

Gazprom estimates by 2050 the European market for hydrogen at 153 billion euros.  

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